Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Got Two Tickets to the Gun Show


6 news anchors show up to work on their their ubulus muscle that connects to the upper dorsinus. It’s boring but part of our life. And this is what’s happening with the PAX today:


  • SSH IC
  • Cotton Pickers w/ KB IC
  • Merkins IC
  • WWII Situps IC
  • Don Quixotes IC (Swirly Style)
  • Arm Circles IC

Mosey to the side of the school

The Channel 4 News Team!! (4 Corners)

With Ron Burgundy (20 Sling Shots)
Champ Kind, Sports (20 Racked Squats)
Brick Tamland, Weather (20 Sit-up Press)
and the reporter in the field Brian Fantana (20 KB Swings)

News at 6 and 7 pm (2 rotations)

Panda Watch!! with Lunges

1 minute of each of the following:

  • KB Side Lunge
  • KB Lunge w/ Rotation
  • KB Double Lunge

1 minute of Lunge & Press

Work those Guns!!

1 minute of each of the following:

  • Half Knelling Press
  • Overhead Press
  • Two Handed Squat Press
  • WWII Sit-up Press

Mosey back to the VSF

2 Minutes of Boat/Canoe

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.


After running to the AO and showing up early, YHC was able to warm up his vocal chords with a little “unique new york, unique new york” and ” The Human Torch was denied a bank loan.” before the arrival of which he thought would be the only other two anchormen today (Helix and Opus). Carpenter had YHC KB in his car so luckly Helix had an extra one to spare.

Just as COP was starting,Carpenter decided to join us this morning, follow by Blue Cheese and finally at the end of COP, MudFace showed up!

Mumblechatter was focused around seeing running into so F3 PAX member that have been missing at the AO’s. Also topics included I don’t know if know this but YHC kind of a big deal. People know him. He is very important. He has many leather-bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany. Also Carpenter’s love of lamps and carpet. When ask if he really does love lamp he just say: “I love lamp, I love lamp!”

I’m proud of you fellas. You all kept your head on a swivel, and that’s what you gotta do when you find yourself thrust into the middle of vicious cockfight (i mean F3 workout).


New AO starts this Thursday, May 11 at Pole Green Park.  EH those in the 23111. – See Phonics

Ashcreek 5K is May 20 – Join the F3 RVA team.  For information, see Spit or visit  http://www.ashcreek5k.com/.

F3 is expanding to Charlottesville.  See Lab Rat if you are interested in helping.

Breading Bread coming up soon – See HoneyDo

I’m Ron Burgundy? No I’m Spit, You stay classy, F3RVA



  1. The Carpenter on

    Strong Q, Spit! The exercises provided a challenge and the conversations provided some good laughs.