Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Don’t box up your longsleeves just yet


An energetic eleven encamped upon Quioccasin MS for week 3 of Heartbreak Ridge. 44 degrees at the start required the PAX to keep it moving.

Mosey to Pemberton ES for COP – SSH, Don Qs, Arm Circles, Flutterkicks, Merkins, Helicopters.

Partner Up for Wheelbarrow up the steps- Merkin at each step up to the top, repeato. Mosey to side of QMS – Totem Pole Indian Run.

Bear Crawl up newly named Honeysuckle Hill. 5 Burpees at top, back down then 3 Burpees at bottom. Repeato. Head to basketball court. Split pax and do 10 WWII situps at each goal. Next round do 5 TuckJumps.

Mosey to track to the Jerkins Gym. 4 sets of 6 Jerkins. Back to main lot- Burpees across parking lot. 1 for each spot. 19 in total.

Wall sit then back to flag for Mary and RoF. Atilla took us out.

NMS – Colder weather had all the PAX in long sleeves except for Loose Goose. Fearing for his safety YHC was determined to keep the pax moving. Can’t have Loose Goose catch a cold with an expectant M at home. The goal was also to explore more of the fine new AO.

Toga posted in spite of his cracked rib, an injury from a dive he took during a beer pong game. And no that is not an embellishment from YHC, be sure to ask to see his impalement scar.

Good to have Kru back for week 2, he is a fast learner as he came with gloves. Angus mentioned he lives 2 minutes away from HR. Both put in solid work. Sabotage rolled in again in his minivan, saying that classifies as a Brooklyn Beamer. YHC wonders if his glasses are even needed or just for style, it will take some time to beat the hipster out of him in the gloom. We’ll know when we ask him to grab a beer and he doesn’t say “how about The Veil.”

Flipper smoked us up Honeysuckle Hill. YHC needs to up his bear crawl game. Or maybe those Hokas are specifically designed for bear crawl.

We have barely scratched the surface of this AO. YHC was drooling over the wall next to the basketball courts as it is made for Donkey Kicks. Alas we needed to be sure to get the PAX down to the Jerkin Gym.

Loose Goose says he is set to Q next week however we need a backup Q just in case his M ( and baby) have different plans for him.

Tennis Thursday is a FREE event at KRA. As of now YHC will be playing wallball and drinking by myself.

Silent Assassin signing off!




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  1. Your description of my injury is good enough to not warrant correction. It only hurts when I laugh, do sit-ups, or laugh while doing sit-ups. Thanks for leading today!

  2. Bear Crawls + burpees + cold wet grass = good livin. Thanks for the good times. And I hope everyone enjoyed Kru’s extra plank time today.

  3. Honey Do RVA on

    I was worried about your injury, but also worried about catching up on Situp challenge. So only opted for 80 Situps.

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid workout ! Way to push it fella’s
    See y’all in the gloom..

  5. Toga impressive bear crawls with your beer pong injury..must have been a pretty competitive match to nearly break a rib playing beer pong…I’m not judging… I get it… Great Q Honey do… Great seeing guys more either because of new AO or them getting started… way to get out there G Pile, Angus, KRU you guys crushed it.

  6. Glad to see my man Sabotage is fitting right in. If I know anything about him it is that your leaning on his time served in Brooklyn will only strengthen his resolve in owning his hipster-osity. 😛

    The idea of a tennis party was greeted with laughs and incredulity SOJ. We cage and release rodents for fun down here. Get out of here with that west-end lawn party and finger sandwiches stuff.

    Get well soon Toga!

  7. Nah, those hipsters in northern Brooklyn wouldn’t have let me in their neighborhood without having a lumberjack beard. You also have to constantly complain and say things like, “this place was so much cooler five years ago.” If you’re going to talk trash about grabbing beers, why don’t you back that up and let’s get some guys and make that happen. I still have a lot of places to check out here, so let’s head to your favorite spot. Great workout! Looking forward to discovering more of what Heartbreak Ridge has to offer.