Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

364 days and counting


It’s May!  It’s 42 degrees!!  What is going on?  18 Pax members stepped onto the grounds of Atlee High School for the beatdown that was getting ready to occur.  This is how it went:

COP:  SSH, Don Quixotes, Arm Circles, LBCs, Merkins.

Mosey to the Soccer Field.  Begin Phonics’s Least Favorite Things.

  1.  4 corners:  Richard Kimbles, Burpees, Merkins, WWII Situps.  The PAX completed two laps.  Instead of having a number of each exercise, the PAX moved to the next corner when the Q announced to move.  This allowed the PAX to move from corner to corner today.

Mosey to the School.

2.  3 Stations

1.  Start in Balls to the Wall Position, walk on hands to Plank position, walk back to Balls on the           Wall, then Walk to Plank.  Movement was directed by Q.

2.  25 WHII Situps

3.  The People’s Chair

4.  Recover and Repeat all 3.

3.  Mosey back to the soccer field.  Get in a team of 3.  One team member would go to the end of the soccer field.  One team member would sprint to the other side of the field.  When completed, the other team member would run back.  When completed, the 3rd member would sprint to the other side.  After each team member completed his sprint, he did 5 burpees.  This kept going until each team member had completed 5 sprints.  When all 5 were completed, the PAX bear crawled to the middle of the field.

4.  IC, 10 rotating elbow planks followed by 20 Mountain Climbers.

COT:  YHC took us out.


364 days ago when YHC first posted at Daville, there was rain, thunder, and 4 PAX members.  Today, it was 42 degrees and 18 PAX members.  It’s been awesome to see the growth of Daville.  With the weather being perfect, it YHC wanted to challenge the PAX to many of the exercises that he has struggled with over the past year.

Lab Rat introduced YHC to Richard Kimbles at his first post.  YHC was unable to complete one.  (Mostly because of a lack of coordination.)  After a year of practice, YHC has finally figured out the exercise.

Two weeks ago at the inaugural Heartbreak Ridge, Toga took one of YHC’s least favorite exercises, Balls to the Wall, to the next level by having the PAX walk out to Plank Position.  That was one of the most difficult exercises YHC has ever completed.  That made it a must for today’s workout.

All PAX members were outstanding today.  Despite the difficulty of some of the exercises, there was plenty of mumble chatter throughout the PAX.  Welcome Macro!  Glad you were able to join us.


New AO starts this Thursday, May 11 at Pole Green Park.  EH those in the 23111.

Ashcreek 5K is May 20 – Join the F3 RVA team.  For information, see Spit or visit

F3 is expanding to Charlottesville.  See Lab Rat if you are interested in helping.

Phonics out.


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  1. Phonics can’t believe it’s already been a year … you’re a beast and it looks like you led a smoker today! Nice work, DaVille!!

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    Always good to see Mr. Richard Kimball make an appearance, nice work with 18 strong DaVille.

  3. Phonics, your friendship is one I treasure over this past year. See you in the Gloom on Thursday.

  4. Sorry to miss. Looks like a great beat down. Congrats for your 1 year F3 anny

  5. Way to bring it this morning Phonics!! Congrats on 1 year with F3!!

    Awesome job by all the PAX. Everyone was pushing it!!

    See y’all in the gloom!!