Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Snow White…but the 7 Dwarves Were There (aka Quads and Hams)


Six studly souls joined YHC for a Saturday morning evolution, sponsored by quads and hams. We had a guest appearance by “Spit” from Richmond, who represented strong for his home base.

Warm-ups – Mosey from the the ball park out the front and over to the top of DNC where we did, in cadence, SSH, Cotton Pickers, Squats, Imperial Walkers, decline (I mean incline Merkins) all for count of 15.

The Thang – Mosey down the hill to the stump area for a set of 11s (Step Ups and Dips). (multiple questions by Bibo – including how many an what was the other thing and a comment by Yinz – now I remember why i stopped doing boot camp)

Mosey to the DNC parking lot – “the starting line” – up the hill we go, alternating between 10 lunge steps per leg following by 20 squats (3 Sets of Regular, 2 Sets of Sumo, 2 Sets of Prisoner) all OYO – that’s 140 lunges and 140 Squats for those of you playing at home.

Mosey back down to the DNC parking lot – for some Mary – all in cadence – 20 LBCs, 15 Obliques to each side, 15 low dollys, 10 high dollys, 10 bicycles, 10 big boy sit ups and 10 Freddy Mercury’s.

Mosey back to the starting line for round 2 – this time incline merkins (cause we were going up hill) and broad jumps (OYO and 10 each) for a total of 100 merkins and 100 broad jumps.

A side note – Seles brought on all of this.

Mosey back down the hill and through the DNC parking lot for a brief demonstration of “The Grateful Dead” for Spit and then on to the THOP (The house of pain) for some dip exhaustion (5 sets of 20 OYO) total of 100. (Green Bean was regretting his Chastain workout at this point)

Mosey back to ball park lower lot and grab a rock for some rock work. (all in cadence and befriending your neighbor after each exercise). 20 curls, 20 kettle bells and 20 triceps extensions (1st set) 20 curls, 5 kettle bells and 5 triceps extensions (2nd set)

Jog, Run, Sprint up the hill back to the upper lot.

5 Burpees OYO

COT – Green Bean took us out. Coffeeteria


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  1. Thanks ATL for letting me join you Saturday morning! It was an honor and pleasure to meet you guys!

    See y’all in gloom!