Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Flatline Meets the Tarrington Hills


A fearless 5 broke the strangle hold of the fartsack this Monday morning to enjoy the cool breeze and to slay some hills SOJ to kickstart their week.  We welcomed Flatline to his virgin River Run experience and that called for the old faithful –

Left our of Bettie Weaver down James River Road past the high school.  Right onto Riverton Ridge to get into Tarrington.  Left at the round-a-bout onto Welby Drive.  Right only Sherfield Drive past the pool.  Left onto Ashwell and then downhill around the loop (the calm before the storm?) and uphill all the way to Robious Road.  Cross Robious through the BUSH and right onto Powderham Lane to Twin Team and down (thankfully) the Twin Team hill.  Finish with a loop by the baseball field, football field and  high school, were we caught up to LugNut who opted out of the Ashwell Loop but slayed the Ashwell Hill.

YHC had 4.8 miles total and a great start to the week under our belts.  Well done men.

No real new announcements – Wilson’s golf tourney is fast approaching – May 19.  New West End AO is up and cranking on Tuesdays (Heartbreak Ridge) and a new AO in Mechanicsville kicks off this Thursday at Pole Green Park.

Have a great Monday everyone.

No more Gumbo for you!


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  1. Wilson_RVA on

    While I am usually bummed I miss workouts, I am glad the Fartsack took hold today! Well done fellas.