Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A swollen river and tacky trails


“The river was angry that day.  Like an old man sending back a bowl of soup in a deli.”

Fearsome 5 showed up for this morning’s hopeful running of the trails.  The Q was pretty concerned about the shape of the trails with all the rain that fell earlier this weekend, so he had a road backup plan just in case.  Turns out the trails were in great shape, so we took advantage.

Route:  Over Nickle Bridge to Buttermilk and down to Reedy Creek.  Head over to Forest Hill and back.  Return on Buttermilk for the 7 milers, Head over to T. Potter and back on North Bank Trail for an even 10 miles.


Good to have Upchuck back out this morning to carry some of the mumblechatter weight.  He also took two for the team and twisted both ankles!  Hope it was nothing serious, dude.

Helix was there to show us how effortless running can be.  Good to hear about Hat Trick’s aspirations in his future running endeavors.  When the kid starts a new sport, he goes all-in!  YHC will not be betting against him.

Taxi Cab had to endure some abuse for not letting the pax know about Angus’ past endeavors.  He claims ignorance, so we only gave him so much.  YHC got Taxi to cuss this morning, so things are falling right into place!  Awesome to have another regular on the trail run crew.

TYA was trying really hard to have a nice and quiet solo run this morning.  Sorry, not gonna happen.  The extra miles gave the Q some time to catch up on the going’s ons with Casa de TYA.  Good stuff today.

Other than that, just another georgous day on the trail.  A couple mountain biker issues, but another couple of great interactions with other MTB’ers to make up for their two wheeled brothers. The beautiful weather brought out the crowds though, as it was tough to find our cars when we got back to the lot.

Good run today, ya’ll take care until next time.


Lab Rat apologizes.


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  1. Nice to run with you all today. It’s been too long (5-6 weeks?). Great to get the band back together. It feels like Van Halen after David Lee Roth (aka Saab) left. Maybe he’ll return as well.

    First ankle (left) is definitely fine. Second ankle hurt like a monster…not too bad, hoping it’s fine tomorrow.

    Also, shout out to Helix. With 2 miles to go in the run, I motioned him to pass,”You want to run a little faster?” Last we saw of him until the parking lot…the man blew the doors off. Frankly, I think he’s planning for a race with his 15 year old son, and Helix intends to win that race.