Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pipe Loop


29 brave souls tackled Dogpile this morning in the blustery gloom – and here is how we rolled…

Mossy – Warm up’s – SSH, Windmills, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles, Flutter Kicks, LBC’s.

Rusty Cage : 3 sets – 5 overhand pull ups – 10 crunches – 5 under hand pull ups – 3 sets of 7 ┬áJerkins.

Pipe Loop : Partner up – run the pipe loop while completing 3 exercises – 100 Captain Thor’s – 200 Merkins – 300 Squats.

Grassy Hill : Starting in waves : Russian Solder to the tree in the middle – Bear Crawl to the pavilion (Bathroom – brick building thing) – modified to Lunges and back to Bear Crawl…

Partner Leg Toss : 3 sets of 20

Burpee Shuffle : Jog in place – each pax calls out burpee

Ring of Fire : 10 merkins – while pax planks

Mary : Cross leg lifts – American Hammers

The Scoop (Moleskin)…

YHC arrived earlier than usual this morning -(Yep I was there @ 5) 1 cause YHC was ready to go and two cause of the arts and farts in the park thing happening @ the park this weekend – (check it out).. Anyway YHC wanted to make sure the pax could park in the normal spot ( some of you will recall the last event at the park had some pax members confused).. So as a proper Q should do YHC surveyed the AO an hour before start time.. Good news was most of the RV’s had not arrived yet and those that had were on a side of the park YHC was not going to use this morning. The cars began rolling in about 5:45 and a full house of 29 was ready to roll.

The guy in the van parked by the rusty cage got a great F3RVA wake up call as we grunted through the pull ups , crunches, and jerkins… YHC gives props to his partner EF Hutton in that rotation (way to bang them out dude – love it).. We had not been over to the cage in awhile so it was good to work those muscles again.. As we finished the Rusty Cage and began to mossy down the path YHC heard a bit of mumble chatter – mostly grunts and oh no where are we going?? Yep the pipe loop – a TYA favorite that about killed us all last year… Luckily today’s weather was nice and cool – perfect for the loop. YHC has been waiting for the light to be out just enough so that we could get back down there towards the loop and pump house. This area of the park is sure to be used more in the summer. Huge props to Hardywood, Half-pipe, and Yoyo – they killed that loop – those 2.0’s made it look easy – well done!

The grassy hill was a bit longer than YHC remembered – plus YHC thought the first brick building was a pavilion (NEGATIVE) the first building is a bathroom thingy – my bad ­čÖé Thanks for pointing that out Bleeder… Much respect to Bleeder, Rosie, EF Hutton, Honeydo, Flipper for continuing on with bear crawling past the first brick building for a bit – (hey they heard the Q say pavilion – so that’s what they were gunning for – love the effort)!

YHC is not sure how many of the pax were a bit hung over this morning – although YHC has a pretty good idea (LabRat) … But the burppee shuffle seemed like a great idea.. The pax crushed that without a doubt – great job… The ring of fire ( a Swirly Staple) was a success – led by Gumbo and Cosmo ( YHC apologizes again to Cosmo for calling him Seymour – YHC was staring @ Seymour and wanting Cosmo to begin the exercise (Brain Fart).. The ring of fire has become a bit of a competition – it’s cool to the the different styles brought into the mix – however YHC still loves the proper form and execution of a standard merkin – no disrespect to those with a little flair!

Great to finish up the workout with a little Mary and go out with bang! Excellent job today pax. Thanks for allowing me to lead – it’s always a pleasure … Appreciate Fudd taking us out this morning – well said brother… Remember to sign up to clown car up to cville for the launch – see LabRat for details. New AO – Heartbreak Ridge – check it out! Great job last week – On Tuesday without a challenge – just a regular Tuesday we had 50 post – freaken awesome – let’s keep it up fella’s. Phonics has some special events coming up soon in Mechanicsville – see him for details. VQ week – begins June 26 – if you have not yet q’d sign up – if you have not yet q’d at a certain AO – sign up… BRR team is being formed now – only a few spots left so get in touch with TYA, Swirly, or Bleeder soon if you would like to join us – runners and drivers needed. Y’all have heard us speak of this event many times – it is awesome I highly encourage you to find a way if you can to participate. Wed Hill runs 5:30 Hillcrest ┬áthose of you signed up to run – this is a great way to increase your training so come on out ..

Have a great weekend fella’s. Take the time to to enjoy some of the blessings of life. Hug your children, kiss your wife, smile at a stranger, tell those you care about that you love them – and leave no doubt.

See y’all in the gloom!



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Fantastic job pax – great way to start the weekend! ET’s was a blast – YHC loves looking down the table and seeing all of the pax enjoying themselves – it’s a beautiful thing !

  2. Loose Goose on

    great challenge of a workout this morning! Indeed there was some good competition happening — “you against Wilson” is apparently the real way it goes down now!

  3. What a wonderful Saturday morning. A great workout (as always when Swirly has the Q – thanks Swirly), a huge PAX, some great fellowship during and after the workout, and inspirational words from Fudd. No better way to start the weekend!!

    Welcome Yo-Yo and Half Pipe. You guys are SUPER. Clearly the Hardywood genes are strong. I know you made your papa proud this morning – as did Mighty Mouse – a veteran 2.0 who made everything look easy, especially the Rusty Cage.

    Enjoy the weekend men and take heed of our fearless leader’s advice at the end of the BB, I know I will.

  4. Swirly, well done! Kudos to EF Hutton and Flipper on the Bear crawl Sprint intervals to the Pavllion/Brickhouse,

    Welcome to Hardywood’s 2.0s!

  5. Honey Do RVA on

    Way to wake up the folks in the rape van down by the Rusty Cage Swirly. Serves them right for parking there. I can attest to lab rats hangover as I had carry him in the Dora 1-2-3. Guess 2 beers is too much for some pax…

  6. Swirly – you take us to hell and back. Thanks for your dedication to make us better men in all aspects of our lives! Much respect! Saw this video and immediately thought of your Q’s

  7. Excellent Q Swirly! And big tclaps to Yo-Yo, Halfpipe, and Mighty Mouse. Way to push yourselves out there! I know you made your dad’s proud.

  8. Thanks for a great Q Swirly and thanks to the pax for the support of the 2.0s. The smiles on their faces have been as close to permanent as I’ve seen in quite some time. There were lots of teachable moments during the workout and in the car on the way home. The coolest comment was when YoYo was describing the workout to her sister. When asked if YoYo was nervous, she replied “There was nothing to be nervous about. No one cared what you did or what you looked like. All they cared about was if you tried your best.” My Hardywod heart grew three sizes. Thank you fellas.

  9. EF Hutton is quickly becoming the Beast Master… any animal based exercise he is killing it, bunny hops, bear crawls… And thank you to Helix for partnering up. If you ever think you have good form don’t compare yourself to Helix, it will make you feel bad. Even the form police asked Helix to take it easy. Well done Hardywood 2.0’s… Half Pipe and Yo Yo are 2 success habits all by themselves. And to anyone that isn’t incredibly sore today, you didn’t try hard enough… thank you Swirly I am smoked.

  10. Flashdance on

    I noticed his beat abilities also Flip Dog, Swirly brought the pipe out again great to see suck a big pax out and ready to push it!!!!

    Thanks for leading Swirl!!