Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Twin Team Back Again


5 soldiers braved the weather forecast and were treated to a 45 minute reprieve from the heavy stuff. The beatdown went something like this:

COP: SSH, Abe Vigodas, Hillbillies, Merkins

Mosey to Twin Team

After crossing Robious, circle up at end of Twin Team for 10 burpees OYO

Line up towards the base for Rosie Hill: Escalating # of strides up Twin Team, return to starting point and perform assigned exercises. Exercises were 3 burpees + 20 WWIIs. Escalating Strides were 20,40,60,80,100,80,60,40,20. Alternative of halving # of strides but running backwards offered after 100-stride round. All rounds performed together as a group.

Blimp as a group back to end of Twin Team: Forward lunges, Imperial Squat Walkers, Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear, Bunnyhop/Broad Jump, backwards lunge

Circle up at end of Twin Team for 10 burpees OYO

Mosey back to Virtual Shovel Flag: plankorama, 90 seconds of Disco Kebabs (crab cake, flip, peter parker, flip, then repeat), 40 seconds of American Hammers

COT: Fudd took us out


YHC was pretty convinced he’d be the only PAX in attendance and was delighted to see 2 cars awaiting his arrival, followed shortly by Fudd. It was great to see Fudd, and YHC appreciates his efforts to make it across the rivah for a TwinTeam beatdown.

Fudd is the reason for venturing over to Twin Team. He’d never experienced it. Rosie & YHC discussed changing the Rosie Hill next time to not run back to the beginning, but stop and do assigned exercises wherever the top guy is (always Rosie, hence the name). That way the PAX experiences ALL of the Twin Team hill.

Rosie crushed Rosie Hill: the most shocking recap ever.

TClaps to Marmaduke for posting for his 3rd time this week, after his first posting at Tuesday’s NoToll. SOJ is rising!

Wilson ate a beet salad last night. 1 guess as to how the PAX all knew that.

The Disco Kebabs were something M Kebab described to YHC yesterday…and it was only fitting to call them as such. M Kebab has started doing some sort of Ciabatta style workouts via the interwebs with some limey called Joe Wicks. YHC supports her, even if the bloke is a complete wanker. Nice to have an exercise introduced by YHC’s M to accompany the Lindsays, Wilson’s Wifes, and Fudd’s Wifes…

No mention of Cinco de Mayo…weird.

The rains arrived as soon as it was time to go. Crazy how often it happens that the PAX gets a complete break from torrential rains for a 45 minute beatdown.


Wilson’s Golf Tournament in 2 weeks

VQ Week June 26…see the signup sheet


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  1. Nice work men. Sorry to miss it. I was bumped by M Gumbo who was intent on hitting the gym before a day of substitute teaching. Very strong start for Marmaduke, I love it.

    See you guys in the gloom at Dogpile tomorrow.

  2. Always fun on the TwinTeam hill. I am sure Marmaduke and Fudd appreciated the tour of the namesake. Glad to see Marmaduke and Wilson didn’t fartsack like the rest of their neighborhood.

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