Wednesday, December 7
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hot Kettle-tato


No one volunteered for the Q at Circus Maximus, but that is never a problem with J-ville around.  Hot potato Q ensued, and here is how it went down:

Johnsonville kicks us off:

  • Warm-up – 25 SSH, 10 merkins, 20 LBCs, 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 KB curls – each arm
  • 15 KB presses
  • 10 Lawnmower pulls – each arm
  • 20 KB swings
  • 10 merkin rows
  • 11s – wall planks & sit-up presses

White Deer takes the reign

  • 20 APD
  • 10 one-leg APD – each leg
  • Boat, canoe, paddleboat
  • Triple Check – burpees, wall sit and double weighted farmers carry

YHC finishes it up

  • 20 Alabama honeymoons on the curve
  • 15 standing rows
  • 15 tricep curls
  • 15 weighted squats
  • Group curb crawl
  • 15 weighted American hammers
  • 15 non-weighted American hammers

COT with YHC taking us out with a prayer of thanksgiving

Moleskin – Great to have Krü with us.  He is a welcomed addition to the west end PAX.  No one is head locking him to show.  He just keeps coming to different workouts, which is really encouraging.  Keep up the hard work Krü.  White Deer and I have no mumble chatter for you, just T claps and respect.

Hoops is starting to come out of his shell, having some mumble chatter for his old man.  I have to show the 2.0 respect for keeping his cool even when his pops says awkward and embarrassing comments.  At 15, you are a bigger man than I.  I would have probably starting jogging home if my old man was speaking trash from so many orifices.

Welcome to CM Upchuck.  It was great to have you.  I respect the fact that a purple KB did not deter you from joining our circus.  Walmart is awaiting you for the purchase of a new KB.  Come back next week.

As always, grateful for the leadership of men like Johnsonville.  Did not skip a beat with this workout.

See you in the gloom.  Attila


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  1. Thanks, gentlemen, for the welcome. This was my first KB workout, and it did not disappoint.

    The purple KB is a winner, for sure. Thanks to my M. for the last minute share. “Honey, can I borrow your purple kettle bell?” are words rarely spoken at 5:10 a.m., by anyone, ever.

    That said, the PAX looked envious, so I may buy Christmas kettle bells for everyone. Purple, pink, light green…

  2. Great workout, those wall planks were on fire! Hey Upchuck, I picked up my baby-bell from Play It Again Sports for a decent price to give you an option other than Wally World. All they have is black, but you can always decorate it with some Hello Kitty tape to make it pop like that swag-a-liscious purple bell. See ya’ll in the gloom.