Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tire Flipping Fun at SOT


10 brave souls ventured into the temporarily dark gloom of SOT on cool and pleasant Wednesday.  Here is what went down.

Start with an extended mosey to allow time for Upchuck to disembark vehicle and join PAX.


COP (All IC)

  • SSH  x 20
  • Imperial Walkers X 20
  • Don Quijote X 10
  • Arm Circles X 15 + Reverso
  • Merkins x 10
  • LBCx x 10

Burpee/Merkin Light Poles

  • Run around parking lot and perform 3 burpees at each light pole (8 lights to total 24 burpees)
  • Backwards run and perform 5 merkins at each pole

Mosey to entrance to deep gloom section of SOT

Partner Tire Flip Relay Around Track

  • Part 1 – Partner up, select tire from tire pile and mosey to track
  • Partner 1 – flips tire down track
  • Partner 2 – runs 100 yards and back to tire, then replaces partner 1
  • Repeat until tire is flipped the entire 100 yds & plankorama
  • Part 2 – partners carry tire around to other side of track to repeat
  • Partner 1 – flips tire
  • Partner 2 – backwards run for 100 yds and back to tire

Mosey with tires in tow back to tire area, then mosey up to tennis courts

Partner relays on tennis courts

Partner up again and line up on tennis court baseline

  • Rd 1 – Partner 1 bear crawls to net and back; Partner 2 performs AMRAP merkins – X 2
  • Rd 2 – Partner 1 lunges to net and back; Partner 2 performs WWII sit-ups – x 2

Mosey back to flag

Merkin Ring of Fire


  • American Hammers x 20
  • LBCs x 20
  • APDs x 20
  • Flutter Kicks x 20

Numberama – Name-o-rama – Announcements

  • Golf tournament May 19 – See Wilson
  • Charlottesville launch on May 20 – see Lab Rat for clown car options and schedule
    • Send names to f3charlottesville@gmail.com

YHC took us out


YHC was excited and puzzled to pull up to the AO ten minutes early to see a crowd of 5 already in place.   There was one VW Golf parked in the parking lot and 5 not small men standing around.  Upon questioning the situation, YHC was informed by Wilson and Honeymoon that the Golf was the clown car of choice to transport the New Market neighborhood crew to SOT.  This situation became even more comical as the rest of the PAX arrived one by one in their over sized SUVs.  YHC has to hand it to Wilson and Honeymoon for not only helping to expand the Chesterfield F3 presence, but to also do so in an environmentally friendly way.  It’s so exciting to see new men come out and experience F3 and the past 2 weeks has seen 3 new members from Wilson and Honeymoon’s hood.  This is a reminder to YHC and Bobber to start EHing our Hallsley neighbors to come join the fun.  YHC was also happy to see Up Chuck make the long journey from the West End out to SOT.  This fun start quickly transitioned into an up beat and fast paced journey around the southern parts of SOT.

The lap around the light poles was a nice start to shake the minor chill that was in the air this AM.  Last time YHC incorporated burpees and light poles at SOT, it was via an ascending ladder, which pretty much smoked the entire PAX (YHC included).  Therefore, a simple 3 per pole seemed more appropriate given we were going to be getting pretty flipping serious in no time.  After the burpee lap, YHC decided to make the PAX run backwards and incoprorate Merkins.  Side note here…backwards running sucks worse than forwards running.

YHC had a vision last night…to flip tires around the track at SOT, and flipping tires around that track is what was done in the dawn of SOT this AM.  Upon selecting flipping partners and explaining the flipping instructions, the flipping PAX began flipping and running around the track.  After finishing the 1st flipping round, it was evident that this flipping exercise was straining and took a fair amount of flipping time to get through the first flipping set.  During the 2nd flipping set most of the PAX finished reasonably flipping well.  However, Marmaduke and Tatu were lagging a little.  That’s when YHC and Rosie decided to run back and provide some flipping assistance so that we could get through the flipping routine.  It was then that YHC realized that their tire must have weighed atleast twice as flipping much as any of the other flipping tires.  It’s a minor miracle that one person was able to flip that tire around the flipping track.  Great flipping job men, and YHC hopes no flipping back injuries occurred during that tire flipping fun.

Lastly, welcome to Vedder!  You crushed it this AM, and YHC hopes to see you and the rest of the New Market crew out on a regular basis.

Side note: YHC was glad that DK mentioned, during name o rama, that his favorite Pearl Jam song was Yellow Leadbetter.  This eventually solidified the naming of this AMs FNG (FNG Hospital name includes leadbetter, and Vedder is hospital last name of Pearl Jam lead singer).  This was especially important to YHC as Pearl Jam was just inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and also because YHC has so many fond memories of being the lead singer in a Pearl Jam cover band in High School.  It may be time to get the band back together for a reunion :).

Great job this AM men!  It was an honor and priveledge to step out and lead this morning.  YHC was humbled to take the part, and thanks the PAX for allowing me the honor.

Til next time!



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  1. 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon McRibwich, connecting to the FNG. Welcome Vedder. Great job EHing from Rountrey, 5 guys in the Golf is a true clown car. You are going to need multiple clown cars soon.

  2. Wilson_RVA on

    Ok before Tatu loses it, it’s a GTI and he drives it like a mad man! Welcome Vedder. Funny you mentioned the difference in tires. Vedder and Wilson picked the right one for sure!

  3. Nice Q, McRib, and thank you for waiting for me as a late arrival. I left from Richmond last night, tried to camp near the AO, and ended up being late. It’s a long drive from the West End, so I had to gas up the flipping SUV twice to get all the way to Powhatan or wherever the AO actually is. Loved the lamp posts in the bus loop…that’s a great way to do a Nomad workout when I’m out of town.

    Welcome, Vedder. Nice to partner up on the tennis courts.

  4. Well done men. Sounds like a solid beatdown in the super-deep gloom of SOT.

    Upchuck is becoming an SOJ regular, I love it!

    Welcome Vedder. I look forward to meeting you soon.

  5. Döner Kebab on

    Bobber & I chose poorly with the tires, as well…huge weight difference when we switched with Rosie & Upchuck. Welcome Vedder, you crushed that workout. By my really sleepy logic, Veder should have been named Brannon: since Kevin Bacon was the lead singer of a Pearl Jam cover band, Ledbetter could have been named for the opposite: the lead singer of a (Kevin Bacon’s Band) cover band…or Brannon.