Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Big Data – It’s what you do with it!


We did the Murph led by Honeymoon at a new location. It was……………………great as always!

A lot of mumble chatter today around BIG DATA as last time Honeymoon Q’d he never posted a back blast. That is concerning for those of us who enjoy hearing the updates on the podcasts!

Sooooo, if Honeymoon posts a back blast, the BIG DATA administrator could use this as the one Honeymoon missed, but otherwise, please count our results!

Remember – its not important that we gather all the data, it’s important what we do with it. What DOES TYA do with it???????????



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    • Wilson, gonna need that PAX line corrected, not because I’m that vain, but for the integrity of big data. It’s EF Hutton (no periods). Too-kan can have the multiple aliases. Great to work out with you guys today and enjoyed my first trip to the AO.

  1. Nice job today fellas! The Murph is a crusher. I’m mostly happy I was able to make it through with out having to drop a Fudd like last time.

    Thanks for leading today Honeymoon and Wilson.

    Murphriday is a nice way to close the week.


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