Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Big Data – It’s what you do with it!


We did the Murph led by Honeymoon at a new location. It was……………………great as always!

A lot of mumble chatter today around BIG DATA as last time Honeymoon Q’d he never posted a back blast. That is concerning for those of us who enjoy hearing the updates on the podcasts!

Sooooo, if Honeymoon posts a back blast, the BIG DATA administrator could use this as the one Honeymoon missed, but otherwise, please count our results!

Remember – its not important that we gather all the data, it’s important what we do with it. What DOES TYA do with it???????????



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  1. I am extremely sore today, so I guess the Murph did it’s job. Nice job today fellas!

  2. Wilson, gonna need that PAX line corrected, not because I’m that vain, but for the integrity of big data. It’s EF Hutton (no periods). Too-kan can have the multiple aliases. Great to work out with you guys today and enjoyed my first trip to the AO.

  3. The Murphy never disappoints. Thanks for covering for the Big Data Wilson. I am sore already too.

  4. Nice job today fellas! The Murph is a crusher. I’m mostly happy I was able to make it through with out having to drop a Fudd like last time.

    Thanks for leading today Honeymoon and Wilson.

    Murphriday is a nice way to close the week.


  5. Big data is smart enough to know the differences and consolidate misspelled names. Don’t you worry about that.