Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You vs You vs Us vs Them


8 competitors arrived at the Circus Maximus stadium on this beautiful morning. The event was Turkish Get Ups and the athletes were focused. This is what happened

COP all IC

SSH x 20

DQ x 10

Helicopters x 10

Arm circles 10 small 5 big and reverso

TGU Championship

2 minutes to complete the number of TGUs for the round. One added to count each round. Secondary exercise done until time is up. You are out if you cannot get the number for the round. Then secondary exercises for the 2 minute time. Secondaries were:

Lawn mowers


Clean and press

Goblet squats


Merkin rows

Sit up press


Lawn mowers

Sit up press


Tree of Woe

Partner up. One partner runs a short lap while the other static holds weight, switch. Holds were:

Cross – arms out to the side at shoulder height with bell in each hand

Al Gore – Normal, but holding on bell at arms length

Back Fly – bend over, back parallel to the ground, lift and holds bells out to the side

Merkin row ring of fire

Pax gets into plank. One person does 3 merkin rows until all PAX has gone




Ragnar this weekend

Ash Creek 5K May 20th

Charlottesville expansion May 20th

New AO at Pole Green Park in Mechanicsville May 11th

Earthworm took us out


This is a workout that YHC introduced at MANNdate about a month back and the most that we were able to get were 8 in the two minute time period. IN the spirit of friendly competition if was brought to the Circus.

The PAX this morning got loud an excited as Rosie and Gumbo got to round 10 and 11 respectively. Well done gentlemen, you have set the bar high. YHC does not believe that many of the secondaries were done on Gumbo’s last round with all the encouragement being thrown his way.  This one of the things the YHC loves about this group that if someone is making themselves better everyone else is there to make some noise for them on the way.

Tree of Woe is one that I really like, but the partnering of the two slowest runners together makes it that much harder. Kettlebell static hold back flys SUCK.

As always, it was a privilege to lead





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  1. Holy Turkish Get Up Batman. That was a killer MudFace. And I am certainly feeling it right now. I’m certain my form leaves significant room for improvement, and I guess I will need to make a trip out to MannDate to see how the TGU Championship is properly done and for a real showdown. I’ll bring Rosie, Offshore and Earthworm (who all crushed the TGUs today also) with me.

    Great job fellas. Great to be back out after a little work and illness induced hiatus.

    See you all in the gloom soon.

  2. Nice work Mudface. Next time there is a TGU party I’m switching back to the smaller KB, I was scared for my teeth a few times during the last rounds.
    If Offshore wasn’t doing 2-Count TGUs he probably would have had enough juice to get through round 10 or 11 too.

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