Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

So how do you do a burpee while holding a clipboard?


16 men (1 FNG), 6 killer deer, 2 good good slobber dogs, and 1 pissed off certified personal instructor staged themselves around Dogwood Dell in order to make backblast writing a breeze….just for YHC.  So here is what happened:


  • SSH
  • IW
  • DQ
  • Dying Cockroaches
  • Arm Circles
  • “I miss Sippy Cups”- from curb, bear crawl in, 10 merkins, bear crawl out.  From curb, crab walk in, 10 merkins, crab walk out.

-Rusty cage- 10 burpups, followed by 10 jerkins.  We out.

-Parkour around killer deer.

-Love Hill- partner up with shared head lamps.  One partner goes down to pet BoBo, other partner performs exercise while proceeding down hill.  Exercises performed were lunges, broad jump burpees, shine light in Saab’s eyes, and walk out merkins.

-Polar Bear races (permit required)-  Divide pax into teams, scatter pax out among the carillon field and perform a team relay doing polar bears down and back on the field.  Directions were screwed up by a prick with a clip board, so it got a little messy.  Lab Rat’s team won, though.


A humid and misty morning at one of our fine city’s beautiful public parks had all in attendance this morning!  While there were a few notable regulars down range, enough of the regulars were there to let you know you were in the right spot.  Circle K pointed out it was time to mosey by careening thru the park on 2 wheels.  It’s not Sippy Cup’s pelvic light, but it will do.

A regular not in attendance was Sippy Cup.  YHC misses not having him out front, so the end of COP was an homage to the man.  YHC remembers him leading this exercise a while ago, and thought it a good one to throw at the pax.

It was a quick hit it and quit it at rusty cage this morning because the Q recognized that several pax members hit the pullups yesterday, and we had other things to accomplish.  Lab Rat has not done them in a while though and needed to be done.

The ferocious deer were guarding the woods on the mosey over to Love Hill.  One of them took a swipe at Circle K with its sharpened hooves, as I heard him squeal out from behind me! Near miss for sure.

Love hill is still dark, but some of the pax brought head lamps.  The Q did a crap job of sending word out, as he just texted a couple people and told them to bring one.  Good note to pax out there though….you should always have a light in the vehicle just in case.  Bleeder said it best:  If the Q brings a light or is wearing gloves, you should probably follow suit.  Bobo and company were at the bottom of the hill wagging tails and licking faces of any pax member needing inspiration to make the uphill turn.  Always a pleasure to see our furry friends!

The polar bear relay race was much more organized in the Q’s head, but got thrown off by time running low and then some A-hole certified personal instructor asking if we had a permit.  Why would we need a permit for polar bear races?  They arent REAL polar bears.  Some people…geez.  Luckily, TYA jumped in to tell the guy that it was just an excersize, and that no bears were actually present.  Or something like that.  Hopefully, TYA also warned the certified personal instructor that there were actual REAL killer rabid deer loose in the park, and that he owed it to his paying customers to keep them safe.  One last note, if you get a sweet sweat suit like our new certified personal instructor friend was sporting when you finish certified personal instructor college, then sign me up!  I think it was made of velvet.

Apology of the week goes to:  Certified Personal Instructor.  Sorry I honked at you while driving home, that was uncalled for.


-Good luck to racers this week!  Ragnar and Colonial 70 relays going down.

-Dogpile Q slot is open.  Possible hot potato Q happening, so have something in your back pocket if you are posting.

-It’s EH season!  Grab a buddy as you head out to your next workout.

-Welcome to FNG GMO!  GMO is our friendly neighborhood ET’s manager, so it is extra special to have him come out.  Everybody take the time to tell him how awesome Jim is to you every Saturday morning.

Well done everybody, thanks for humoring me yet again.


Lab Rat apologizes..




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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Way to work today guys.
    TYA great job handling the dude who tried to intimidate us – We are not done – OH we’re done….. Freaken beautiful ! But hey who knows maybe there will be a game forth coming – Xteam v F3RVA – my dreams are coming true fella’s :)Stay tuned…
    See y;all in the gloom

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    Man WDOG is getting dangerous. Last week snakes, and now rabid deer,dogs, and DIs.

  3. I was in the presence of greatness today. Like an artist works with paints, it was a pleasure to witness TYA unload his full YA on our uninvited visitor.

    Now THAT explains why Circle K suddenly yelled “Oh Dear”…I thought he had just stepped in a puddle.

    Although I am in the minority, either everyone wears a headlamp, or no-one wears a headlamp. None of this mixing business. How are a person’s eyes to adjust? And headlamp batteries cost money you know…#HeadlampsSuck

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great workout this morning Lab Rat. I missed the deer as well…dont know how that happened.

    YA just had to make an appearance for a few minutes this morning. As I mentioned this morning, I have had many conversations with the jurisdictions where we workout ensuring that we are authorized to workout in the AO’s we use. I tried to have a rational conversation about that, but the gentlemen did not seem to be listening. As such, i decided to get back to working out.

    Welcome to GMO, glad you finally got out there. Look forward to seeing you back in the gloom soon.

  5. Lab Rat, Great Freckin Workout, that was excellent! No Apoloigies Necessary!

    TYA, Brilliant interaction with “What about Bob?” You are The Man!

    Welcome GMO!