Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Crazy 8


6 strong took the DRP and posted for a gloom that was a little drier than yesterday, unless you are Tatu and find the water filled ditch.

COP warm up – SSH, Helicopter, DQ, LBCS

Parking lot tracers on the way to the basketball courts.

Crazy 8’s on the courts – Do 8 of each exercise at each of the 8 baskets, rounds go as follows

  1. Burpees 4, Flutter kicks 4
  2. Wide grip merkins Lunge between hoops
  3. Crunchy Frogs
  4. Jump Squats – Bear crawl between hoops
  5. SSH
  6. Crab Cakes
  7. Freddie Mercuries 4, Burpees 4
  8. Plank (8 second hold)

Mosey back to the flag for 1 Minute of Mary – Dollies



The NewMarket clown car is growing as Wilson, Honeymoon and Tatu all piled into Wilson’s ride to join YHC at SOT.  Tclaps to Tatu for posting 2 days in a row, great job today.  You’ll be able to think and speak in the COT soon enough.

5 of us were standing around waiting for the clock to strike 0530 when a familiar car rolled into the parking lot.  Aisle 5, free of his home improvement and financial burden, is back to join the gloom at SOT. Great to see him and see he hasn’t missed a beat, picking up with the mumblechatter and breaking into his own F3 version of a song during the bear crawls that YHC has yet to get out of his head, “Everything hurts…all the time”.

Bobber, fulfilling his reputation as the SOJ weatherman and anti-Cantore, verified that the rain had cleared out and posted.  Honeymoon has obviously resigned himself to doing increased quantities of bear crawls in RVA and now complains much less when called.

Wilson and YHC were disappointed that Hardywood shorted us on the number of burpees at NoToll so YHC called the first round of 8’s as burpees.  Audible to flutter kicks for the second half of round 1 to keep the PAX together.  We did get to finish a full round of burpees adding half again later for a nice round total of 64.

Similar to Splinter, YHC crushed it and looked great doing it.

Again, great to see Aisle 5 back out.  In a little 2nd F conversation afterward he reminded me of the many reasons F3 works.  The fitness is great.  The fellowship you get from knowing there will be someone else out there to push you and enjoy it during and after the workout is the glue.  The faith that if you are gone for a little while or are going through something personal that no matter what when you show up you will be welcomed back and supported is the purpose.

As one of our F3 brothers says to his kids everyday “Be Super”.  Thanks for introducing that catch phrase Lab Rat.  A pleasure to have the opportunity and ability to step up and lead today.


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  1. I am not only excited that Tatu is “enjoying” the workouts, but that Aisle 5 is BACK!!!!! Great Q Rosie. Those Super 8’s……………well they are tough! FEBA