Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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11 die-hards of F3RVA braved the rain to scout and break in a new AO in soggy style. HoneyDo planted the shovel flag and stood back to watch the PAX assemble. The single Quioccasin Alum present (Swirly) gave an overview of the grounds before a hot-potato Q delivered the inaugural beatdown at HEARTBREAK RIDGE. Here’s how it went down, including actual recorded thoughts of the Qs.


Loose Goose Q (Haven’t done this in awhile! 11 PAX at the first workout!?!? PUMPED! What is the disclaimer supposed to be again?)
Mosey to center field
– Invisible Jump Rope IC x20
– Merkins IC x20
– Russian Soldiers IC x20
– Imperial Walkers IC x20

Mosey to the holler between baseball field and track

Plank while Q gives instructions for Partner Lieutenant Dans:
– Partner 1 climb hill and do 10 Lieutenant Dans
– Partner 2 do 10 Merkins and Plank until Partner 1 returns
– Repeato 3x audible to 2x

Honey Do Q
Mosey around 1/2 of track to the pull up bars and other bars (WTF are these? 2 pull-up bars and a bunch of Romper Room crap. USELESS. Oh wait, Jerkins!) near the road. HoneyDo assesses the situation & develops the plan. With partner, do the following:
– 10 Dips
– 10 Jerkins
– 10 Pull-ups
– Repeato all 2x
– Plank when done
“Swirly, whatcha got for us?”

Swirly Q (Real time recall of a specific phys ed class sometime in the early 80’s. Oh yeah baby! Reliving the good ole’ days!)
Mosey around 1/4 of track to bleachers on the parking lot side. Bleacher madness:
– 20 dips & 20 incline merkins on bleachers
– Run around to other side of track
– do 20 dips & 20 incline merkins on bleachers
– Run back around to parking lot side of track

Toga Q
Mosey to game day snack shack (Quick check for prices on soft pretzels, chili dogs and slurpees. Refocus. MUST DELIVER BEAT DOWN.)
Rotation of pain:
– Plank with feet on wall, climb to Balls to the Wall
– American Hammers IC x20
– Burpees OYO x10
– Wall sits
– Repeato all

Garbage Plate Q (I do not care that we’ve done shoulder and pushing exercises almost the entire time. More, more, MORE!! Bwahahahaha!!)
Mosey around 1/3 of track past bleachers on parking lot side, stop at the hill. Q states: “This is the hill. This is the hill we will bear crawl up backwards”
– Bear crawl up hill backwards, SSH at top OYO x15
– Repeato hill climb and SSH
– LBCs OYO x20
“Malpractice, you’ve got 5 minutes!”

Malpractice Q (I can jump small buildings in a single bound. Fences are nothing.)
Unauthorized Access:
– Run down the hill, hop the fence, across the field, hop the other fence, and do 10 Merkins. Come back, do 10 Merkins
– Repeato until time expires.



YHC was floored at the # of PAX that posted today for what was billed as an exploratory look at the new AO. 11 strong — WELL DONE!!! As the cars kept rolling in, it was obvious that this was not just a simple scouting, but a full-fledged launch.

HoneyDo did a quick check and found that “The Ridge” is already taken as an AO name. But to his disbelief, the clearly better “Heartbreak Ridge” was not claimed in F3 Nation. Schedule request submitted and awaiting Corporate approval, pending completion of said approver’s daydreaming about his 7th grade crush.

The sight of the shovel flag waving at the top of the hill in the rain and under the lights while we did American Hammers was breathtaking. I love moments like that when I’m reminded of our great country and in the same moment the camaraderie that we have with F3.

It’s an honor to work out & live life with you gents. I look forward to continuing to build the West End territory of F3RVA with all of you.


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  1. Honey Do RVA on

    Awesome to have 11 out in this new AO. Lots of positives to Heartbreak Ridge- No Brown water unlike NoToll, check. Diesel fumes from buses warming up like SOT, check. Hills like batteau, check. Pull up & Jerkins bars like Dogpile, check.

  2. Sorry to have missed the HR launch. Looking forward to posting here in the very near future.

  3. Honey Do RVA on

    The Shovelflag flying high in the wind and rain across the way was so damn cool, great way to start the day.

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great to see 11 strong out @ a new AO this morning. Enjoyed the hot potato Q… What an awesome AO!
    Loved the flag blowing in the rain on the hill above in the light of the parking lot as we did American Hammers below – freaken beautiful!
    I look forward to coming back out to Heartbreak Ridge.
    See y’all in the gloom..

  5. It was awesome to be part of the inaugural Heartbreak Ridge workout. Great location for an AO with Pemberton ES still to explore. The Shovelflag looked pretty cool as well as I was driving in this morning. Could see it well before I turned into the parking lot.

  6. I’m chucking reading Goose’s guesses at what the Qs were thinking? Too funny.

    Wow looks like it was a great scout! Thanks for the image of the SF against light in the rain. Awesome!

    Although the SF wasn’t involved, I had a similar thought looking at the pouring rain in the parking lot lights during Hardywood’s COP at NoToll this morning. How great is it to be out in the pouring rain with my brothers? There’s nothing like it.

    Can’t wait to come check out the new spot … even if I can’t roll out of bed to the AO like I can at NoToll!

  7. Well done, gentlemen. This was an inspiring read to see 11 men post for a new AO. Looking forward to joining you all at Heartbreak Ridge.

    Nothing quite says “upchuck” like chili dogs and pretzels at 530 a.m. during a beatdown.