Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Climbing the Grand Canyon in 48 minutes


15 Pax (1 FNG) made it out for the culmination of #AWeekOfPriorities!  It has been great to be back and YHC couldn’t be happier with the 15 Titans that posted to climb the mountain (or the canyon if you have a good imagination…)

Dreamliner and YHC are headed down range in a couple of weeks for an F3 road trip.  On our travels, the plan is to plant the shovel flag at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, mosey down for a dip in the Colorado and sprint, mosey, bear crawl, partner carry back up. (Dreamliner carrying me will probably be closest to the truth…)  Its 4,380 feet from the river back up to the rim so to include our fellow F3HR Pax, we simulated the climb out on our own glorious #StinkHill!

Supposedly, the summit of the Virginia Beach Alp is 60 ft although by the 3rd or 4th trip it seemed much, much higher.  It would take 73 trips up the hill to simulate the climb out of the canyon and to finish on time, that meant a pax would need to start for the peak every 40 seconds.  Meanwhile, back at base camp, the remaining pax would conduct some high (relative term) intensity interval training to prepare for each trek to the mountain top. The Pax started out 2 at a time to the top but after about 25 intervals YHC audibled back to 1 pax every 40 seconds.  The intervals went as follows:

1 - Burpees
2 - Air Chair
3 - Merkins
4 - High Planks
5 - Diamond Merkins
6 - Low Plank
7 - Derkins
8 - Rest
9 - Flutter Kicks
10 - Hold 6"
11- Dollys
12 - Hold 6"
13 - Rosalitas
14 - Hold 6"
15 - Box Cutters
16 - Hold 6"
17 - Leg Lifts
18 - Hold 6"
19 - American Hammers
20 - Hold 6"
21 - Freddy Mercurys
22 - Hold 6"
23 - Burpees
24 - Rest
25 - Arm Circles
26 - Arm Circles Front
27 - Arm Circles Overhead
28 - Squats
29 - Lunges
30 - Calf Raises
31 - Squats
32 - Lunges
33 - Calf Raises
34 - Arm Circles
35 - Arm Circles Front
36 - Arm Circles Overhead
37 - Side Straddle Hops
38 - Side Straddle Hops
39 - Duck Jousting
40 - Rest
41 - Merkin Walk
42 - Merkin Walk
43 - Crab Plank
44 - Seal Team Sit-uos
45 - Rest
46 - Seal Team Sit-ups
47 - Rest
48 - Seal Team Sit-ups
49 - Rest
50 - Tunnel of Love
51 - Tunnel of Love
52 - Tunnel of Love
53 - Rest
54 - Mountain Climbers
55 - Catalina Wine Mixers
56 - Jack Webbs
57 - High Planks
58 - Jump Squats
59 - Merkins
60 - LBCs
61 - Hold 6"
62 - Frog Jumps
63 - Bear Crawls
64 - Duck Walk
65 - Crab Walk
66 - Air Chair
67 - Side Straddle Hops
68 - Calf Raises
69 - Lunges
70 - Smurf Jacks
71 - Rest
72 - Burpees
73 - Sprint to the Summit


Upon return to the flags, there was only time for numbers/names and some quick words of wisdom.

YHC was honored to lead this incredible group of men all week.  To recap the week, we discussed challenging yourself to be the man that sharpens those around us and to be reliable and counted upon in a brother’s time of need. The next challenge was to take a new direction in your own life with the Jester that is impeding your acceleration.

After looking outward and inward, it was time to look upward.  We are doomed to fail in our endeavors to be better fathers, husbands, brothers without following the leadership of the Sky-Q.  Its through faith in our Heavenly Father that we can hope to be the men that we strive to become.

FNG Tow Rope was put on the spot and graciously took us out.  Well done.


Scully was on cloud 9 as his son, Chris just made his season debut with the Dodger and is off to the hottest of starts, going 5 for 8 with 2 doubles and a homerun.  We’re all excited for you Scully.

In other Scully news, we presented our resident rifty with his award for the March Merkin challenge (he did 20,000 Merkins btw) and just being an all around badass, a F3 Respect jersey.

The largest of welcomes to our free agent from F3 Greensboro, we could not be more excited to have you move to the area!  From all the tweets coming out of your former AOs, there is no doubt you are going to be a huge blessing to F3 Hampton Roads!

Can anyone confirm a merlot splash from our latest FNG Tow Rope?  Looked like a may have been hunched over in agony.  Take great pride in that Tow Rope!  YHC has never had the intestinal fortitude to push himself to the brink like that.  Motivation for all of us that we need to work harder.  You join the ranks of many #stinkhill legends to go before you!  I feel like F3Nation needs to sell a crimson t shirt with a wine glass on the back to give out to this exclusive club…

Speaking of T shirts, the #stinkhill pre order is almost over.  Get your order to YHC immediately if you’d like to save on shipping.

Another welcome to Gandalf who was posting for his 2nd time but hadn’t received an F3 name.  His attempts to name himself were swiftly thwarted but he got off easy.

YHC’s deepest apologies for the tardiness of today’s backblast.  The self imposed 24 hour deadline has long since past.  After 4 straight Q’s, it was made very clear, by M Priorities, that no more time would be spent on F3 this weekend…  But no excuses, play like a champion!  An entry has been made in my corporate file…

Thanks again for the opportunity to lead this week.  It’s been great to be back and I promise I’ll never leave again…  until June…

Priorities out.


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  1. Awesome day at StinkHill.

    If you have not checked it out already, see the chatter on twitter for @F3_3for1. From the response of his brothers from @f3greensboro there is no doubt we have received a #HIM (High Impact Man).

    Check out Scully Jr.’s l recent HR. He stroked it.

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