Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Smooth is Good. Lumpy not so much.


A Lucky 13 came today to cover all distances; from running to walking to biking.  Here is what we did.

East on Grove to Hamilton, head left to Broad St.  East on Broad.  4 milers take a right on Blvd and Grove home.  5s and 6s continue to the Science Museum with 5s going Davis/Grace/Strawberry to Monument and back to Lafayette to Grove.  A lone 6 miler continued on to Hermitage to Leigh to Blvd and connected with the 5 miler’s return route.

YHC took us out.


Pre-run, the swiper sniper marked a few targets, YHC gave the routes and we were off.  The 5s were a tight pack with good discussion along the way.  Seems Toga has a Men’s Health subscription.  As the lone 6, it was good to see Marv was not shot pending his concerns of recent crime in that area.

The 5s were able to get the sphere rotating a little at the Science Museum.  I am sure there is some physics behind the friction reduction through hydrology but that will be for another day.  UR has a similar sphere, so perhaps we can investigate during Spider Run.

Discussion was good post run and seemed to center around concussions and getting ones bells (or balls) rung.  Similar mumble chatter yielded today’s backblast title.  Good discussion around Ragnar prep and supplies as well as Toga infatuation for CC DeVille.  Every rose does indeed have a thorn.

Good luck to those running this weekend.  Enjoy the vistas from atop the mountain and know F3RVA is behind you!


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  1. Agreed,smooth is good. Still trying to understand how Upchuck kept moving us from the topic of sorority recruitment videos to trans-gender…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Best to the half marathon crew this weekend…Hate to miss it. I’m counting on TYA to slow Swirly down!

  2. @Toga: I get your point about setting up a home email for myself. Was thinking about saab69@gmail.com. 1969 was a classic year for the Saab automobile. Let me know what you think.

  3. Good idea. I’ll rank that up there with Two Can’s dermatology lesson.

    In answer to the Upchuck question, and it took me a quarter mile to understand it, it seems he believes cross dressing would gain him access to said sorority. You probably still have your 60s drag outfit and may be able to pull this off as the new sorority mother/Mrs. Doubtfire.

  4. Amen, Toga. If I understood the story, Vandy’s girls in the first video showed class and spirit, but not much else (to the credit of their upbringing and dignity). Because the discussion was among men at 545, the story was intended to have us focused on the second video, that of the Alabama sorority and its 200 women who were, if memory serves how Toga told it, “showing a fair amount of skin and giving each other piggy-back rides.” My comment merely reflected the reality that, short of a disguise of some sort, Up Chuck does not get piggy back rides from scantily clad women.

    If you all are getting piggy back rides from scantily clad women, please advise. Maybe I’m just doing this whole marriage thing wrong.

  5. There are usually 10-15 on Fridays. Bike for 45 minutes or run for 4, 5, or 6 miles (45 minutes). Hope you can make it.

  6. I see written documentation above of 5 mile rabbits and a 6 mile over achiever… Any 4’s around? #askingforafriend