Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sounds of Nature or Why Didn’t I Bring a Speaker


A magnificent nine posted for another edition of Circus Maximus (yet another AO where YHC lost the naming discussion).  With cars pulling in at start time we got right to it.

Warmup COP: SSH, Don Quixote, squats, scapula merkins, merkins

Return to the 9 minute kb complex from hell (30 secs of ea. exercise with little or no stopping between sets)

  • Two handed swings
  • Cleans
  • Snatch
  • Clean and Press
  • Lunge, 30 sec ea. leg
  • Single leg dead lift, 30 sec ea. leg
  • Single hand swings, 30 sec ea. arm
  • Goblet squats
  • Push press, 30 sec ea. arm
  • Swing burpees

~1 minute rest while we did leg raises and flutter kicks then back through the complex above

Move to grassy area for ciabattas (4 sets of ea. exercise with 20 secs on and 10 off)

Group 1: Frog Burpees (think regular burpee but with a frog/donkey kick instead of the merkin) and alternating L/R Snatches

Group 2: Swings and Balls to the Wall Walk (B2WW= regular B2W position but then you try to walk out to a plank and then back up= crowd pleaser)

Circle up for American Hammers, Hip-up Sit-ups, V-up Tuck-ups


NMM:  Halfway through the first complex Offshore asked if YHC had music for this previously.  He was correct, but the speaker kept going out, and it was abandoned halfway through the workout.  Before this is attempted again, a new speaker or some sort of effort to rectify the music situation will be undertaken.  It turns out that standing in a circle while swinging around weights does not always engender conversation and the grunting escalates as the workout progresses.  JVille eventually takes on a wheezing, ragged grunt.  Attila goes from grunt to whimper, and YHC realized that the person who sounded like they were giving themselves a hernia was in fact YHC.  All that said, the best had to be White Deer as his grunting took on an urgent and excited tone during B2WW.  We were all getting a look into his “O” face/vinegar strokes, and none of us needed to see/hear that.., least of all, his 2.0.

As indicated by the noises, hard work was done by all.

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