Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Today BT stands for Bunny-like Tremendous Hops


Fourteen faithful found their way to Punisher on a 60 degree clear morning after Easter. Here is what we did:

COP- SSH, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Arm Circles, Hillbillies.

Mosey to back of school up Hermitage for Burpee Road- 2 burpees per lamppost all the way to Laburnum. Mosey to other side of school to drop off circle. 3 Rounds of 10-20-30. Exercises were Merkins, Jump Squars, and ?.  Between poles we Bear Crawled, Lunged, and Crab Walked.

Mosey to Balls 2 wall for Triple Check with it’s namesake exercise, Situps, and Run. Head to the bench for 30 Dips, then a Box Jump challenge to get to top of table.

Mosey to school front for some Mary and ROF. Bleeder took us out.

NMS- Awesome to see 14 out for Punisher. Guess many PAX had same idea as YHC to sweat out the Easter chocolate this morning.

Great to see Best Shot back in the Gloom. Also Manilla Gorilla opted to walk to the AO and Patty Mayo posted again to make us all feel old.

On the 10-20-30 some PAX focused on form by going to their knees. Guess it is truly you against you…  lots of discussion on the distance between the posts in that section. When you bear crawl a good 80 yards you tend to notic that kind of stuff.

During the Triple Check Ronnie offered some legal counsel about running across traffic. Not sure if he would be representingnthe driver or the PAX…

On the Box Jumps up to the table top many PAX took the challenge. Pucker and Ronnie gave it a go then BT hopped up to the plate and knocked out 4 perfect Box Jumps in a row.

Taxes are due tomorrow…

Announcements – HDHH see Pre-blast today from Flashdance.






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  1. Great Q and good to be back in RVA! I am fairly certain I would be at the dentist, sports dr or dental sports dr if I attempted that jump. There’s a reason I never played basketball.

  2. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Good to be back at Punisher, and great to have Thrilla Gorilla back in the mix. BT was inspired by the Easter Bunny this morning.

  3. Great workout this morning Honey Do! You always know how to make every minute count. Well Done!