Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lady Glittersparkle returns…and she brought friends!


Warmarama – SSH x 20, Imperial Squat Walkers x 20, Hillbillies x 20, Merkins x 20

Lady Glittersparkle (LG) made a reappearance and she brought her friends the 3 Little Pigs (3LPs).  YHC re-introduced LG for anyone who wasnt there to meet her the first time out (i.e., She’s a bit of a diva and doesn’t like to be put down so if she or any of the 3LPs touch the ground then the PAX does 5 burpees).

The Thang – The PAX moseyed over to the stairs where LG and the 3LPs were immediately thrown down – 5 burpees.

First up was an exercise that didn’t work on the bleachers at Bear Country but YHC thought worked great for the stairs at Stink Hill.  YHC calls it Mt. Everest – Perform 1 squat each step and lunge up to next step all the way to the summit.  There was loads of mumble chatter at the half way point.  YHC thinks he heard something about the workout being over once we reached the summit.  The first 4 PAX to the top ran back down the hill to grab LG and the 3LPs and haul them back up.  They were handed off to the next 4 PAX who ran them down and back up.  Repeated until everyone had a turn.

Next was Dealers Choice.  Anyone who didn’t have LG or the 3LPs grabbed a coupon (rock).  YHC realized he had not explained the real reason behind hauling around LG and the 3LPs in today’s workout.  YHC briefly explained that we are hauling around these logs today because this weekend marks the date that Jesus carried the cross for all of us and to remember that during the workout when motivation is needed.  At some point during the exercise the PAX moaned as Red Ryder threw a Little Pig to the ground for 5 burpees.  Little did they know that this was planned between him and YHC.

At this point the PAX split into groups of 2 or 3 per log for a run to the next fart pole.  YHC yelled switch at various intervals during the run to pass the log to a partner.   Here, LG and the 3LPs were once again thrown to the ground for 5 burpees.

Next was Level 1 Drills (Insanity Exercise) for 90 seconds – Perform 10 Merkins followed by 10 floor sprints.  Bring feet in and jump up and repeat.  20 second recovery.  This was followed by another Insanity exercise, Hop Squats to Merkins for 90 seconds – In deep squat position, hop up and down lifting feet completely off ground.  At the cue, perform 1 Merkin and pop back up into hop squats.  An audible was called after 20 seconds to perform 3 Merkins each time to give more “rest” from squats.  30 second recovery.

It was back with the group run to the last fart pole.  Tired of being beat by Half-Life and Dreamliner, Scully threw a LP to the ground for 5 burpees as they took the lead to try and gain ground.  This was to no avail because Dreamliner once again took the win from YHC at the last second.  LG and the 3LPs were once again thrown to ground for 5 burpees.  The PAX continued to bottom of hill for YHC named Hill to Heaven (a spin off of Stairway to Seven) – in the same groups, one person runs log to the summit while partners are doing crunches then switch.  Everyone carries log 3 times.  Half-Life and Dreamliner, the overachievers that they are, carried LG (it should be pointed out that she is heavier than the 3LPs) to the summit 5 times.

The PAX moseyed back to the flags in same group’s where there was just enough time for a few Captian Thors – 1 Big boy situp to 4 American Hammers.


YHC challenged everyone to remember and truly reflect on what this weekend is truly about – Jesus dying on the cross for all of our sins.  And when we think about all the pain and suffering our Savior went through it should help put things into perspective when we are experiencing pain or hardship.


TClaps to Priorities for 1) allowing YHC to go by his house while he was out of town to grab Lady Glittersparkle!  and 2) coming up with the message behind using Lady Glittersparkle in the workout that was so fitting for Easter Weekend.

On another note, apparently Lady Glittersparkle is repulsive to FNGs.  Both times she has been present for a workout, FNGs ended up splashing merlot.  Maybe we should dress her up a little and make her more presentable.  What do you think Priorities?  It was mentioned by the PAX that we should do some carvings, maybe totem pole style.


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  1. Great Q Submac! Half-life took care of my glutes last week and you follow up with the quads. As for Lady Gittersparkle, I’m all for having all the Pax have a crack at her… The more carvings, the less she weighs!

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