Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Quiet Easter Sunday


Four faithful posted on an Easter Sunday.  Trails were quiet, yet beautiful.

The Thang:

Buttermilk to Forrest Hill back to Buttermilk and finish up at the Pump House.  7+ miles for some, 5+ for others.


LabRat got an early start by posting at Reedy Creek and running back to the Pump House.  He turned around with us and did the return to Reedy and around Forrest Hill.  TSB had a good first half of the run, but was feeling ill half way through Forres Hill.  She stumbled her way back to the Reedy Creek parking lot and Lab Rat was nice enough to give us a lift back to the pump house parking lot.

Missed Saab out there today.  (Bad Mental Image Alert) He was out tanning himself on the beach.  I assume that most of the other PAX were at church praying for the rest of us heathens.  We appreciate it greatly.

Happy Easter to all. This is YHC’s favorite holiday.


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  1. Sorry to hear TSB had a tough run but that happens to us all. Thought of the PAX as I completed a way too long run right about the time you were preparing to depart.

    My favorite holiday is Halloween – for selfish reasons of course

  2. Ok, I’ll play along.

    My favorite holiday is my birthday, but NOT for selfish reasons.