Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Smurf That!


In honor of every smurf everywhere, this workout is for you

13 smurfed up PAX members showed up on a beautiful morning to show they had what it takes to beat the gloom!

Hallelujah run around the church


American Hammers, LBC’s, Don Quixotes, Invisible Jump Ropes, Arm Circles, Diamond Merkins, Roll-ups (20 OYO)
Table tops,

shoulder taps
Plank Toe taps to the side (repeated these two)

CURB STEP UPS — 1 minute

The Thang
SMURF Trivia —
7 questions about the Smurfs, answer incorrectly — 10 Smurf jacks in cadence
answer correctly, only 5 Smurf jacks in cadence
YHC will post questions at the end if you want to see how well you would have done.

Like the Native American run except we all skipped — last person skipped faster to get to the head of the PAX.  Some of us even sang the theme song as we skipped.  Yippee.

SMURF Chase Scene —
5 lunges keeping an eye out for Gargamel, Sprint like mad across the rest of the field, immediately drop and give as many merkins as possible waiting for the rest of the PAX to finish (2x)

10 lunges, sprint, and as many LBC’s as possible till the PAX caught up (2x)

15 lunges, sprint and as many Burpees as possible until the PAX finished. (2x)

SMURF TRIVIA (part deux)
same as before — we all love smurf jacks now.

CIRCLE UP for ascending ring of fire merkins — we got to the number 6

Numberama, Name-o-rama, Bring it in

Naked Smurfskin —

YHC has had a love affair with the Smurf Jack since his first Q a few months back.  Hence, this workout came together after Spit gave it up to hit the smurfing #TwinTeam AO today.
YHC wanted to incorporate as many smurf jacks as possible into the Q today, so we did the smurfing Trivia contest as a way of keeping it fun.  Smurf it, the PAX only got 5 and a half questions correct out of the 14 smurfing questions.  The last one was half correct, so we did 7 and a half smurf jacks for that one.    Total = 107.5 SmurfJacks for the day, well done!!

Some other notes — Lunging and Sprinting across the field was the favorite of many a PAX member today.  I heard lots of “What the Smurf?”  and “Smurf it to Smurf!” while completing the exercise.  Will do this exercise again at the next Opus Q.  Be Ready.

Circle K informed YHC that he was doing the arm circles backwards when YHC said forwards.  Good catch Circle K (just seeing who was paying attention and you were.  Kudos.)

Here are the Smurfy Questions if you are interested… (answers can be found on the interwebs)

1)What is the country of origin of the Smurfs?
2) Which Smurf always carries a package?
3) Name Gargamel’s cat.
4) How tall are the smurfs?
5) Which famous VP’s daughter had the code name Smurfette?
6) What project were the smurfs working on in every episode?
7) When baby smurf got sick, what flower did they bring back to cure him?

8) Which smurf carried a pencil?
9) Who was always trying to steal the smurfs food?
10)What smurf was Brainy’s sidekick?
11) What is the new movie called?
12) What was Smurfette’s original hair color?
13) How old is Papa Smurf?
14) What color were Papa Smurf’s clothes?

Announcements — Charlottesville Launch May 20th.  Contact LabRat with names or any other items related to new AO

Ashcreek 5K — also May 20th.  Use code HAPPYEASTER to save $5 this week!





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  1. Creative Q that resulted in a solid beatdown. Forwards is backwards depending upon your perspective.

  2. Looks like a great beatdown Opus! No smurfs at Twin Team just donkeys. I think I would have preferred the smurfs!

    Thanks for taking my Q so I could go south for the spring!

  3. Smurfy, Smurf! I expected Smurf, but instead I got SMURFED! Holy Smurf. The smurf was out in smurf this AM. The NC smurf had some wheels and smurfed it a plenty. Thanks for such a smurf beatdown Opus. I was smurfly impressed with the Carpenter’s smurf knowledge. Smackitie smurf!

  4. Brilliant. I’m going to add “smackitie smurf” to my daily lexicon.

    Opus, quite a beatdown. Could not believe I thought the weather was cold when I first stepped outside this morning. You fixed that.