Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ass grabs and Giggles


17 Giggling ass grabbers shrugged off the call of the fartsack to embrace the start of TODAY……the only day that matters. Fudd had the Q at 45MOM and here’s what went down, more or less:

Warm up lap around the school


Plank x 1 minute

SSH x 30

Merican x 15

LBC x 30

Don Quixote x 10

Plank x 1 minute

Bay City Scissors x 10

Copperhead Squats x 15

Mosey to the track for Catch us if you Can……..split up into teams of 3.  Partner A does 5 burpees and then starts running after his teammates, while Partner B carries Partner C around the track and doesn’t stop until Partner A catches them.  Partner A then starts to carry Partner B while Partner C does burpees.  Keep going until each team does 3 laps.  (YHC audibled after 1 lap)

Bridge of Hate

PAX forms a line by laying on their backs shoulder to shoulder.  One PAX is lifted and passed down the line of PAX that are laying on the ground.  When the PAX that was being passed down the line gets to the front he lays next to the last man and the man at the rear of the line then gets passed down, so forth and so on. Just like an inverted tunnel of love.

Mosey around the field in front of the tennis courts for 10 minutes of Mary:

Plank x 1 minute

Bay City Scissors x 10

Freddie Mercury x 20

Rosalita x 20

Plank x 1 minute

Mosey to the tennis courts for sprints from sideline of Court 1 to sideline of Court 4 with the following effort:

75%, 92.4%, 66%, 100%, 80%, 100%, 70%, 100%

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag for Numberama, Namerama, and YHC took us out.

Naked Moleskin:

YHC was thrilled to be able to Q again at the AO where he experienced his first F3 workout back in September of 2014.  YHC does not have the opportunity to attend 45MOM much anymore due to his Baltimore job, so a chance to Q at his F3 “home” was not to be passed up.

The PAX was very appreciative of the lap around the school to warm up prior to COP and expressed as much.  YHC was expecting more mumblechatter during COP, but first off, Lab Rat, Toga, BT, and Saab were all absent, and these are the PAX that usually get slap happy at the thought of giving YHC grief.  Second, the only other PAX that I can usually count on for mumblechatter, TYA, said that they were being respectful of the Q…….YHC wasn’t sure how to take that, but he decided to take it as a compliment.  And off we went to the next evolution of……

Catch us if You Can:  YHC called out three laps per team on this exercise, thinking that this exercise would occupy most of the time for today’s workout.  That all came to a screeching halt when YHC was tasked with carrying Bleeder around the track.  All I could think after 1 lap was that I didn’t want to do a second or third, so YHC called an audible and off we went to the PAX’s favorite evolution of the day…….the Bridge of Hate.

YHC chose “Catch us if you can” and the “Bridge of Hate” to symbolize Christ carrying the sin of the world (and the cross) on his back at Calvary.  YHC admits, however, that the symbolism was lost on the PAX during the Bridge of Hate.  Satan himself would have blushed at the giggling, ass-grabbing, pulling down of pants, etc. that YHC witnessed today.  I was positive about two things after this evolution:  1) That I would never bring this exericise back to any workout where I was Q and 2) I’ve never laughed more at any F3 workout than today during this exercise.   Dante’s 7th level of Hades came to mind as each PAX was passed down the line by fellow PAX members that were giggling and laughing like mad hatters.  Multiple PAX complained of being “tossed” as opposed to being passed all the way down the line.  YHC did notice this happening on several occasions but wasn’t sure why.  Speculation ensued about ass cheeks that were too flabby, PAX that were too heavy, and passers that were doing too much giggling.   The most stark memory for YHC was that Bleeder and Clavin chose to lunge down the line as opposed to being “passed”.  YHC will be forever grateful to these two thick, muscle-bound gentlemen that spared YHC and the rest of the PAX a potentially life changing moment that we will now never have to go to therapy to forget.

10 minutes of Mary and the Sprints all passed like a Blur as the PAX spent the rest of the workout trying to suppress the memories that they sooo wanted to forget from the previous evolution.

Announcements:  F3 Charlottesville workouts start on May 20th.  See Lab Rat for details.  2.0 friendly workout this Saturday 0700 at Gridiron.  Let Johnsonville know if you are coming.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead you today, gentlemen.  It humbles and inspires me to be able to lead men of such caliber.





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  1. Honey Do RVA on

    Great call on the audible to 1 Lap on the partner carry. All I can say on the Bridge of Hate – if there was an exercise to partner with the tomatoes…

  2. Sorry to miss, this sounds like it was right up my alley!

    Welcome to the fold, Smithfield.

  3. I disagree on the audible to 1 lap. Then again I was in a trio with TYA (aka Vanity Plate) and Sabotage.

    As the old knight in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade so wisely stated when the Nazi selected the wrong cup of the carpenter, “He chose poorly…”

  4. Great Q Fudd! It was great to come down south to posted with you guys! Hopefully I can make this a regular thing on Thursdays this summer!

    Swirly hope you are doing ok!

    For those that are not going to CVille on May 20th should consider signing up for the Ashcreek 5k. This race is across the street from our AO The Creek. Signed at ashcreek5k.com. 5k is at 8am and the Kids Fun Run is at 9am. Sign up under “F3RVA”. Use the promo code “HAPPYEASTER” now through Easter Sunday and get $5 off

  5. I am soooo glad I missed this. I hope no bystanders witnessed this ‘pass the pax’…you can’t convince me it would help with our recruiting efforts.

  6. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Bleeder- benched pressed me and threw me off the ass grabbing giggle bridge ! Just sayin…