Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

That Would Be 15 In Dog Years…


One shy of 20 descended upon Dogwood Dell to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of WDog. With Hot Potato in hand, this is what transpired…

Swirly Q: Mosey to amphitheater for COT. Alternate incline Merkins and Dips, ascending up the steps to 18 totl. Run to Carillon, Bear Crawl up, Polar Bear across, then run down. Complete 20 Captain Thors, then perform Burpees until PAX is done (“Whew!”).

Bleeder Q: BBC’s across field. Bear Crawl to 25 yard line, Broad Jump Burpee to next 25 year line, Crab Walk remaining distance (“Ugh!!”).

TYA: 365 Lt Dans with partner – alternating a run up and around the Carrillon (“are you frickin kidding me!!!”)

Saab: Burpee Ring of Fire, COT


As we gathered in the amphitheater, stage lights were illuminated as if to join in the celebration of the WDog anniversary. As we cycled through the COP, Swirly’s excitement was almost palpable as the glow of stage lights cast a shadow upon both him and what appeared to be an emerging chub.

Swirly began by administering comprehensive workout instructions. This left YHC wondering why he would both divulge up-front what we would be doing for the entire workout, and whether there would be enough time to complete everything. Having not missed a beat, Swirly led the PAX the whole way with Circle K right up front. The PAX was sufficiently smoked and had little rest before Bleeder took charge…

YHC has a theory that Bleeder either has a hidden bear/gorilla gene, or has spent extensive time observing zoo animals. The man can perform a bear crawl faster than most people can walk and that skill was evident during the BBCs. There was only mild confusion as to where the yard-markers were, but the PAX improvised just fine. Having then completed what he viewed as two harsh beatdowns, YHC’s concerns were realized as it was announced that TYA then had the Q.

On a good day, YHC’s Lt Dans resemble a poor attempt to mimic an extra in a stage production of Lord of the Dance. Having been instructed to share in the completion of 365 LD’s was discouraging. It was later heard that some of the PAX had been running up and BEHIND the Carillon…presumably to get slight relief from the LD’s. It was approximately half way through that TYA’s heart grew 2 sizes (not quite 3), and had the PAX change over to Squats. Saab then took the PAX for a quick Burpee ring of fire and then COT.

As YHC took us out today it gave him the opportunity to share his recent reflections regarding how much of a difference F3 has made in his life. Sometimes the biggest gaps in our lives go un-noticed until we experience what has been missing first hand. Thanks to everyone for coming out today, and every day.

Saab abides


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  1. I greatly appreciate being part of today’s workout fellas. Thanks Gumbo for getting me through the dreaded LD’s and showing me how it should be done.

    Welcome Two Ferns. Great name and great job today…hope we see you out again soon.

  2. Johnsonville on

    Looks like a great beatdown at WDog this morning.

    All –> Please don’t forget to email or text me if you plan to attend the 2.0 workout at Gridiron on Saturday. We need a headcount of kids to make sure we have enough treats on hand.

  3. Great beatdown gentlemen. The BBCs crushed me and made my poor form on LT Dans even worse. Next time, I will make sure to bring enough fancy water for the entire PAX.

  4. Great BB as always Saab. A big thanks to everyone for making my 2.0 feel welcome! Welcome Two Ferns.

  5. Great hot potato beatdown indeed. Worthy of the celebration of WDog’s 1-year birthday for sure. Great work to all the Qs.

    Saab – you are always a great partner in these Dora-type exercises and the Saab machine was in full effect today. Thank you.

    Welcome Two Ferns – great job today. Definitely didn’t ease in, but you were up for the challenge. Hope to see you out regularly and look forward to you joining the PAX in taking over ETs on any given Saturday.

    Perrier all around…on Circle K!

  6. 1 year WDog — fantastic! That was a solid beatdown, with each subsequent Q bring the Q-adrenaline to the table. While TYA was explaining what to do after he announced partners, I said to my partner (BT), “I hope you don’t have to carry me.” He immediately said, “me too.”

    That was only shortly after I proudly kept up with Bleeder in the bear crawl for approximately 15 yards before slipping and face planting.

    I’m thankful to be part of this group of quality men. Thanks Saab for the good words at the end, well said.

  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Saab you should be listed as one of the Q’s buddy… Great BB – Have a good couple days my man we will miss you. Thought dog years were 7 ??
    Way to push it guys – solid work today.
    Well said taking us out this morning Saab.
    Circle K I’m still laughing about your spritzer – hilarious!
    Welcome Two Ferns – best comment of the day – This F3 workout was much better than seal team – you bet your ass it is….. See y’all in the gloom..

  8. thorough beatdown today, gents. That was a doozy for sure! Made for an interesting pedal up the hill this morning with my Lt. Dan legs.

    Awesome to get you out there, Two Ferns! Look forward to seeing you again soon.

  9. I Learned something today…first year for (BIG) dogs counts for 15 in the first year…begins to drop after that – go figure.

    I was a mere contributor in the back-end. You three killed it (us). Great Q guys.

    I completely missed the spritzer thing…I will look for enlightenment upon my return.

  10. Happy Anniversary WDog. Your 1 today or 7 or 15 whatever. As a gift on this prestigious occasion you were presented with 19 of RVA’ s finest (idiots). I truly believe you gave them all a beatdown they will remember until next Anniversary. That’s how you keep them coming back. Love you and here is to many more.

  11. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Great workout and better BB. I told Bleeder that it felt like a full 1 hr Dogpile workout. Well done! Welcome Two Ferns! Perrier for everyone!