Wednesday, August 17
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Lucky Jackpot


We hit the JackPot today with 11 southsiders and one from NC

Circled up for 10 merkins 15 deep knee bend squats

The Thang

We had 2 man teams for

500 merkins  with a Run about the soccer field

500 jump squats with the other man running

500 dips and a run

500 American Hammers

The really lucky guys did start 500 flutter kicks

McRibb called time on deck to end this fun event

Thought Notes:  My watch said we still had 3 minutes but I think everyone was over the Lucky Jackpot today.

Flatline rolled up with old school rap playing I think it was “outcast”

Thanks for the COT prayer J-Ville you always motivate the PAX

IT was great to get back into the saddle today with a EF special themed workout!!

Mine is called the Lucky Jackpot!!




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  1. DK – I agree. I feel pain and misfortune. I don’t know how Jville was planking during COT at the end – my arms were toast.

    Simple but very effective – nice work FLASHdance.

  2. My quads feel like they are the unluckiest quads in Richmond. 🙂

    Nice Q Flashdance!!

  3. My legs were toast all day today walking around DC. Great Q! You guys have an awesome site and a great group. Thanks for letting me post with y’all.

  4. IT was great to have you I hope we met your expectations for a solid beat down!!!

  5. Johnsonville on

    The was a good workout. Flashdance is not scared to turn it up to 11.

    All –> Please don’t forget to email or text me if you plan to attend the 2.0 workout at Gridiron on Saturday. I need a headcount of kids to make sure we have enough treats on hand.

  6. First, OutKast and the song was Rosa Parks……def, Old Skool! Agree with Gumbo-simple and VERY effective!!!! My legs are toast this am.
    McRib, thank you for helping us earn “extra credit”
    Vanni, nice to meet you and share a workout my brother from another mother!
    Men, nice work and God Bless!!