Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Got Wood?


8 strong posted for what had to be one of the nicest mornings YHC can recall this spring. This is what transpired (sort of)…

Base route (5 mi): Robins Center parking lot to Lakewood, Wood, Waveny. Take Horsepen all the way to Patterson and head back down on RidgeTop. Take Chandler to Bandy Field to Honaker, Hanover, then back on St Chris…Cross over to Topoan, and head on down back to UR. 4 and some 5 Milers headed back from Chandler, with slight derivations from there.


Most of the PAX started out together but began to diverge after Wood road. YHC thanks TYA for taking the six and getting them all back without too many wrong turns.

Strong running by all, whether they are training for an upcoming event or just coming back from injury. YHC was impressed by BT and Hutton who ran a really strong pace. Of the little mother-goosing YHC did, it was hard work each time to catch back up with them both.

TYA got himself a vanity plate. All are welcomed to ask him what it means.

Interest in the health benefits of cold showers appears to be spreading throughout the PAX. YHC though extensively about this during his pleasantly hot shower this morning.


Ragnar could use a runner. Please see Toga…He’ll share his sleeping bag if you don’t happen to have one.

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  1. Enjoyed the route Saab.

    Was able to put in a good solid minute and a half under the cold water this morning. Wasn’t fun, but was invigorating.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Nice route Saabski!Beautiful morning for a run – great job pax.
    Happy to be back out @ Spider run. Thanks to TYA, Taxi Cab, Wedding Singer for running with me this morning.. BT glad you had a partner in EH Hutton – hopefully I’ll back to that pace again shortly…. Steady is the drip that wears the rock away right my fellow podcast hosts 🙂
    See y’all in the gloom – 1 Year Anniversary for WDOG tomorrow so come on out – corporate will be updating files 🙂

  3. SAAB Great Route, I was happy to make it back, a bit lighter then when I started.

    TYA, the vanity plate is brilliant, and Congratulations on becoming a full fledged Southerner.

    Swirly, good call on running with the four mile group, Don’t want to do more damage by running five. Wait strike that, Please refer to M HoneyDo’s comment the other day.

    Singer, my apologies the double hill run,

    EF, way to Keep running. Post run

    BT, I think the reflective vest/belt might be smaller than Splinters, but it looks good in you

    Taxi Cab, way to crank out the miles!

    SIpp, Marv, missed you guys today, Speedy recovery Sipp!!!!

  4. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Lab Rat told me to tighten it up to accentuate my nips. May need to check that with Splinter. Solid run and good work guys. EF was pushing me the whole way; he’s going to crush the Roanoke half. Extra T-claps to TYA and anyone else that helped Swirly pump the brakes and not over do it. No more aircasts!