Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hot Potato – Batteau Style


Jeff8 faithful rolled into Batteau in the gloom which was well lit by the Full Moon. No Q had signed up, Hot Potato was announced as the clock turned to 0530.

Bleeder Q
Mosey to First COP

25X LBC’s
15X Imperial Walkers
10x Merkins

Mosey to Lindseys
Bear Crawl to tree Run back
Step-ups and Dips

Swirly Q
Mosey to Lake
Love Hill Partner Run – Walk-out Merkins, Lunge, Board Jump Burpee

Hardywood Q
Deconstructed Burpee Valley to 5

Wheel Barrow Q
4 corners – Merkins, LBCs, Knee bends, Flutter Kicks

Mosey back to Virtual Shovel Flag
Swirly took us out.


Crablegs from F3 Charleston stopped at Batteau on his family’s Spring Break, Glad to have you out.

With no one signing up for the Batteau Q this am, YHC rolled with a Hot Potato Q. Always interesting to see what is going to happen when that is announced, All Q’s did a great job beating the pollen infested snot out of the PAX during our 45 minutes.

Post Workout, with the sun rising over the trees, Hardywood discussed the finer points of Thomas Jefferson’s literary genius; with all of Thomas Jefferson Accomplishments and Authorship of many documents; Hardywood found it interesting that TJ only wrote one book: Notes in the State of Virginia. a Footnote in the book was that the weather in the spring is always Sunny & 70.


Hump Day Happy Hour — See Flashdance for more details

Podcast are now up —- Podcast


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  1. Great to see Crablegs out there to join you. He’s a staple at #Cyclone where I would post this past summer.