Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

East Bound and Down


16 Pax showed up to go fast today.

Today’s route was an out and back on Grove heading east.  4s turn around at Meadow, 5s at Harvie, and 6s at Belvidere.

YHC took us out.

YHC opened with the riddle of the Caddy Shack Sphinx continuing the golf theme from yesterday.  “What is the shortest distance between two points?”  Of course I am referring to a “line in the opposite direction”.  Labrat answered incorrectly and went right into the lumber yard.

With many of our routes heading west, YHC thought it was time to push the limits to the east and head into the rising sun (perhaps an actual rising sun in June).  Pace was solid all around with various packs running together.  Saab and Toga ran about a tenth of a mile ahead of me and it became apparent that they couldn’t read the dark street signs noting the turnaround.  They would loop back like they were turning around, but it was only to illuminate the sign and then turn around again and keep heading east.  YHC called it a “Crazy Ivan” based on the classic scene in The Hunt for Red Oktober.  Note to Pax, place care in dropping submarine references in close proximity to Lab Rat as it can draw him out of his usual silence.


Lab Rat is looking for names of people in C-Ville.  He is going to start cold calling potential Pax based on names in the Charlottesville phone book, so help him out if you have a contact so he doesn’t need to resort to that.


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  1. Should we rename Lab Rat to Run Silent? You are correct that Saab and I kept checking the street names. Crazy Ivan will be introduced into a future workout in a different manner.

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    This morning I learned that Lockjaw is ready for Ragnar. Strong run all around.

  3. Solid running by Mr. Taper for sure.

    Crazy Ivan would be a great name if we ever got another submariner. I did name my brother (a 20 year sonar tech) “Bubbles” because of the nickname of submariners by other navy folks, bubblehead. One of my all time fav names.