Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Tradition Unlike Any Other


18 Tigers hit the links at Mary Munford in search of a Mudgear brand Green Jacket in perfect 70 and sunny weather.  EF planted the flag.  Here’s how it went down.

Mosey down Magnolia Lane to the driving range in front of the school.


  • Merkins x 18
  • Flutter Kicks x 18
  • Helicopters x 18
  • Arm Circles x 18 (9 front, 9 back) + a couple of playoff holes

Mosey to the 11th

Amen 4 Corners (4 rounds)

  • American Hammers x 18
  • Mountain Climbers x 18 (2c)
  • Carolina Dry Docks x 18
  • Dips x 18


Mosey to Rae’s Creek

Caddie Carry

  • Caddie carry bag (partner) down the fairway
  • SSH x 72
  • Reverso


Drive, Chip, Putt

  • From tee box hit the shovel flag with Pro V1 Frisbee – 5 burpees per stroke, repeato 3 holes

Mary on the 18th green

  • Caddie Leg Toss (3 sets of 20 – yeah I know, what was YHC thinking?)
  • Freddie M. (Couples) x 18
  • Alphabet – spell AUGUSTA NATIONAL
  • LBCs x 18

Mosey along cart path back to Clubhouse


Hello Friends.

YHC had no plans for a themed beatdown before realizing that today is the start of the Masters.  YHC doesn’t play much or follow golf that closely, but the Masters is awesome.  Never been, but the visuals on TV alone prove that Augusta National is nothing short of paradise.  YHC’s idea of paradise is an F3 RVA AO.  While most prefer a pool, the pond is good for YHC.  The round was going smoothly until the PAX stepped up to the 1st tee box.  As soon as Lab Rat pulled out the driver, gripped and ripped, YHC knew the darkness of the gloom was problematic.  YHC generally spends more time looking for his balls than actually playing, so really it felt just like a normal round.  YHC lost track, but pretty sure Lab Rat took a snowman on the scorecard.  Flipper pulled driver on a Par 3 for some reason, but managed to salvage a bogey.  TYA proved most accurate from the old man tees and birdied the hole.  Kudos to FNG Clavin for posting to what threatened to be a very un-sunny and 70 like day in F3RVA.  Good to see Swirly back on top of the leaderboard.  The PAX thoroughly enjoyed the elbow plank with R/L leg raise.  For those in the challenge, not sure of plank minutes, but YHC will take an eagle on the hole and call it 4 minutes.  Speaking of challenges, Saab has completed a feat most would call impossible, let’s see Saab do it again, only this time carrying Bunny Slope along the way.

Numberama, Nameorama, COT


Lunch – Downtown (Pops) West End (Whole Foods) – Enjoy a Pimento Cheese Sandwich with a refreshing Arnold Palmer

$30 T-shirt – See Wedding Singer

Real Golf Tournament– See Wilson

F3 Cville Expansion – See Lab Rat – requests 1 email from each member of the PAX (Dave.Matthews@gmail.com; TheRock@hotmail.com)


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  1. EF, great themed workout and great backblast per usual. I liked the Caddyshack reference in the BB as well and agree a pond is better for you (and most members of the pax for that matter).

    At least no one lost a hand to the gator in the pond….

    Welcome Clavin!

  2. Perhaps Saab was in a particularly good mood, but what a fun yet exhaustive workout EF…also great mumble chatter today.

    That said, I’m contacting OSHA at my next opportunity EF. No offense to Bunny Slope, but the weight differential had me was wishing for Honey Do’s sand bags…lower back did not abide.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent themed workout – awesome BB – well done EF Hutton!
    Love the Masters – it’s on my bucket list fella’s – someday baby!!
    Love me some Caddyshack too..
    Great job today guys – see y’all in the gloom.

  4. Very sorry [insert client name here] Mr. EF Hutton did not find anymore Tax deductions for you in the middle of Tax season…He was very busy writing another epic Backblast. Well done EF, always creative. Note to everyone if you show up at the same time as Flashdance… your late.
    Why? Because he can!

  5. Looks like a great beatdown round in honor of the Masters. Creative! Aye love the fact that all you cats comment on your hombre’s Backblast too. I’m gonna have to make the drive sometime and Clowncar some PAX so they can get a feel for being a part of something so much bigger than we are here at the CHOP AO (Milton Mustard Seed in Milton, DE). You guys are only a couple hours away. One-a-these-days…
    Transplant from the Dragon AO in York, SC, and the Rock Region,

  6. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Well, it is painfully obvious (literally) that I should have avoided Jville’s kettle bell beating and hit the links with you bunch of clown shows. Solid BB, EF. Looks like it was a lovely crew!

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