Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where are the pull-up bars?


18 Pax members stumbled into WDog, all with plenty of time to spare – except for Phonics.  As expected, Swirly arrived early and had taken up residence with other Pax members in the truck.



47 SSHs IC

1 lap of High Knee pulls

1 lap of Frankenstien Walks

10 Merkins IC

Mosey to some area on the way to the pull-up bars


Abs of Fun 1:

– 15 8 Count Swirlies

– 12 4 Count Heels to Heaven

– 8 10 Count Windshield Wipers

– 12 4 Count ABCs

Rest and Repeat


Mosey to pull up bars


Pull to the stars 

Count off by 4s

– First team does 50 pull ups collectively

– Second team does dying cockroaches till team 1 finishes their pull-ups

– Third team does smurf jacks till team 1 finishes their pull-ups

– Fourth team does Bear Crawl boxes (bear crawl straight to tree 1, side bear crawl to tree 2, bear crawl backwards to tree 3, side bear crawl to tree 4 – repeat



Mosey back to Lacrosse field


Abs of Fun 2:

– 20  2 step spread eagles

– 10 Low Cadence Freddie Mercuries

– 12 V-Situps

– 15 Hardywood Jacks


Mosey back to shovel flag


Duck, Duck, Bear

Quack on each pax members head, say “Duck or Bear” on someones head, then if “Duck” hold ankles and run around Pax, if “Bear” bear craw around Pax. While waiting for Duck or Bear, Pax holds plank. While racing each other down, Pax does Merkins.


Numberama, Namerama,


Lab Rat is leading the charge to launch F3 Charlottesville. If you know anyone in CVille who might be interested, contact Lab Rat – – f3charlottesville@gmail.com

We will have a table at the Ashcreek 5K. Sign up and EH others to come out.

Emoji took us out.



The YHC was excited to Q the WDog as it is a different venue and a combo of many things F3 RVA.  Not wanting to do the same and desiring to stay away from any running, YHC settled on a heavy Ab bootcamp.  Taking some of his daughters favorite ab exercises and creating some others YHC settled on a “nice” combination.


TYA gave Abacus a difficult time for asking Toga to be the time keeper.  Abacus thought it was interesting that TYA would poke the bear just before the start. Noting this poke, YHC grinned.  Not being 100% familiar with the AO, YHC needed to also ask where the pull up bars were located, not once, or twice but at least three times.  Inside, the Pax was wondering how many pull-ups where going to be on order for the day.  But little did they realize they would wish for more pull-ups by the end of the day.  At the bottom of Jacobs Ladder, YHC pulled up and started their Abs of fun 1.  Demonstration was in order for the 4 exercises for this round. YHC showed them all at once to make sure we can quickly move to the next during each round.  Oh what fun.  The most fun was had by Windshield Wipers.  Modifications appeared to be on the menu for many. Not sure as the YHC was grinning in fun and enjoyment.  Time flew by as we did some stations and returned to the bottom.  Groans and fear was plenty as the Pax hit the bottom of Jacobs ladder.  And of yes! Another whole new set of Abs of fun was called to order.  However, this was only done once as the YHC wanted to get back for some Duck, Duck – Bear.  Great fun was had by the Pax as we ran each other down. Toga showed complete and utter superiority as he snagged Abacus on the offset to start things off.


YHC enjoyed spending time with the F3 RVA family this AM. Till next time.



  1. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Abs indeed. Can’t tell if I woke up some long dormant ab muscles or I need to go see a doc. Thoroughly sore.

  2. “Batman is very wise. I also have huge pecs and a nine pack. Yeah, I’ve got an extra ab.” – Batman