Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



3 Mechanicsville faithful showed up this awesome morning to help YHC celebrate his Tar Heels winning the men’s college basketball national championship!!

This is how it went down:

Hallelujah to other side of the parking lot

COP (in honor of the 6th National Championship for the school 6 reps of each exercise were completed)

  • SSH – IC
  • Merkins – IC
  • Burpees – OYO
  • Crab Cakes – IC
  • Smurf Jacks – IC
  • Dolly’s – IC

Road to Redemption (Takes us from the Maui Invitation at the start of season to the National Championship)

R (Maui Inviation – 8 team tournament) – 8 Rows Reps
E (15 ACC Teams) – 15 Empty Wheelbarrow Steps
D (68 teams Opening Round) – 68 Deadlift Reps
E (64 teams First Round) – 64 Empty Wheelbarrow Steps as a PAX
M (Round of 32) – 32 Morning Reps (aka Good Morning)
P (Sweet 16) – 16 Press Reps
T (Elite 8) – 8 Turkish Get Ups
I (Final Four) – 4 minutes of Imperial Goblet Squats Walkers
O (National Championship) – 2 minutes of Overhead Warm ups (YHC forgot this exercise so switch to Tricep Press)
N (Champions) – 1 minute of Never Cross Dolly’s

Locker Room Celebration – Triple Check

1st – KB Swing
2nd – Goblet Squats
3rd –  Hallelujah around the parking lot

Hallelujah back to the SF for COT, number-rama and name-a-rama, then Opus took us out. 


YHC was so excited to see his team win their 6th national championship. The theme for the team had been redemption all year since losing the national championship in a buzzer better last year. Our journey this morning took us from the start of the season where the Tar Heels won the Maui Invitation (which they have done the last two years they won the tourney) to a season against argumentatively the best conference in all of basketball this year the ACC where UNC won the regular season (which they also did the last two years they won the tourney) to finall the NCAA Tournament.

The Carpenter had texted YHC just before the AO that morning notify that the fart sack was needed, knowing that several MANNDate regulars were either injured, sick, or attending WDog this morning, YHC figured this could be a Solo AO today. Thanks to Opus and Heliz coming in the clown car so this didn’t have to happen!

Mumble Chatter was very light today since this PAX was focused on the task at hand.

YHC was happy to continue his new year resolution by introducing new exercises everytime he Q’d. New this week: Empty Wheelbarrow (Crab Walk with some holding your legs), Good Mornings, Imperial Goblet Squat Walkers, and Never Cross Dolly’s


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  1. I needed to come after feeling so sick last week. I wish more people would come out to this. It is such a good workout.

  2. Spit, thanks for leading and introducing some new exercises. Someday I hope we have a reason for a UVA-themed workout. The theme will probably have to be something like “FINALLY”.