Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

April Fool’s Day was no joke


9 dedicated Pax, including FNG Gracie (YHC’s big-little bro) posted at Stinkhill on a beautiful April Fools Saturday morning. After the obligatory disclaimers, we moved quickly into action:


* Side straddle hop 25 IC
* Imperial walkers 20 IC
* Hillbilly Walkers 20 IC
* Merkins 25 OMC
* LBCs 20 IC

The Thang

Jack n Jill’s- Jack is selected among the Pax who then chooses a Jill to accompany him on a brisk run up Stinkhill and back. Jill then chooses an exercise for the Pax to perform during their absence. Game ends when everyone has been up the hill at least once. YHC honored FNG Gracie as the first Jack who then selected (quite unknowingly) what was to become the targeted Jill for four of the Pax, our very own overachieving Dreamliner. Dreamliner promptly set the tone with a call for Burpees to be performed during their trek up and down the hill. As the Pax progressed thru the game, Burpees were called a second time, followed by Merkins, LBC’s, Side Straddle Hops, and Boxcutters. At least this is my best recollection… YHC’s memory is failing him, partly due to his procrastination in posting this backblast, but mostly due to his advanced age.

Mosey along the length of Stinkhill until a nicely sloped spot was chosen to perform a quick round of Clock Merkins ( 5 reps each at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00)

Pax then tried something new with a Black snake run part way around the lake only to re-assemble for two rounds of Team Lazy Dora’s consisting of:
* Merkins-Plank 10 Omc
* LBC-Hold 6″ 10 IC
* Squats-Al Gores 10 IC

Since the clock seemed to be moving very slowly, YHC had to make an audible and interrupt our mosey to “Scully Park” and add a pearl to the planned string:

* American hammers 20 IC
* Big boy sit-ups 20 Omc

Mosey on to “Scully Park”

* Teams of 3: #1 sprints to the Dips station for 10 reps while #2 & 3 perform planks or merkins. Rotation progresses thru all three team members until each has performed 30 dips

Mosey back to the base of Stinkhill, reassemble, and from there, “sprint” (the definition of sprint was taken very loosely by many, including YHC) up the steps, proceed across Stinkhill, down the steps on the other side, and back to the shovel flags.

Ring of Fire: Flutter Kicks/Hold 6″, Wave Merkins/Hold Plank

Circle of Trust
Counterama and Namerama from our six. FNG Gracie named for his dabblings with Jujitsu… Turns out his oldest daughter also named Grace after the first family of Jujitsu.

YHC shared the following passage in honor of April Fools Day:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. -Proverbs 1:7

Ball of Man
Prayer of thanks for the day, the group, and the opportunity to gather, prayers that we respect the Lord and forego our desires in favor of His plan for us, and closed with the Lord’s Prayer in unison


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  1. Scully Park. I love it. Corporate please inform the city of VA Beach of the official name change and have all signage appropriately updated.

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