Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rolling Hills of Westham


With spring in the air, eight runners showed today to work some hills.

Head around the baseball field and up past the football stadium and ascend snake hill.  4s and 5s take a side street to cutover to Bandy Field to the Village Shopping Center.  Head west on Patterson and pick up Westham Parkway.  Run the length of the parkway and double back to the baseball field, down the hill, and around the lake.

4 milers cut short on Westham and didn’t have the lake loop.  6 milers didn’t get Bandy Field but had some quality distance on Patterson.

Bleeder took us out.


This workout kicks in with hills from the start.  No warm up; just a nice sustained climb.  Bandy Field was a nice diversion with opportunities to sneak up on various wildlife (several rabbits and raccoons).

On our Westham cruise, the 5 milers were tempted to ring upchuck’s doorbell.  Hopefully he posted somewhere or next time he is fair game to persuade him out of the FS.

The Pax was moving today.  Singer continues to push the distance and pace.  Taxi and EF were cruising and ready to race.  The 6 milers did well despite a couple of days of hard workouts leading up to this.  Good showing all around.

Splinter was a ringer for the Sippy Cup look-alike contest.  Vest, visor, and sippy cup complete the look.

Several of us continued with some second F while watching the seals at work.  Some familiar faces may be our new FNGs.




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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the 2nd F which took my mind off my sore/tired legs. Also enjoyed running and conversation with Splinter. Out of concern, I do hope his posterior heals soon given it’s reported “pounding” from Toga yesterday.

  2. Thanks for the route Lockjaw. If I actually enjoyed running I’d definitely be a fan of the endless number of routes one can take in and around UR.

  3. That was my first sippy cup experience. Normally on my long runs I wear a fanny pack.

    Sippy Cup > Fanny Pack

    Glag my attire and appearance continues to entertain the PAX.

  4. Sounds like an awesome run, fellas. Sorry to miss it.

    As you can tell, I’m a bit behind reading BB’s. Rest assured, there was no FSing. Had you knocked, Mrs. UpChuck may have come out guns blazing…actually, she was likely running on the treadmill by the time you all came by.

    Tuesday morning I posted Sippy Cup-style to a single PAX workout in the cold/wind at Millennium Park in Chicago.