Saturday, January 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Abs of fun


14 bright tailed and excited Pax members sprang into action on this 4th day of April at the Da’Ville.  Arrivals started with about 10 minutes before 5:30 and with Phonics bringing up the rear.


25 SSHs IC
1 lap of High Knee pulls
1 lap of Frankenstien Walks
15 Merkins IC
Mosey to Lacrosse field
Abs of Fun 1:
  – 20  2 step spread eagles
  – 10 Low Cadence Freddie Mercuries
  – 12 V-Situps
  – 15 Hardywood Jacks
Rest and Repeat
Mosey to pull up bars
It is All Meaningless 
Count off into 3 teams of 4
  – First person in team does 7 pull ups
  – While person 2 does dying coach roaches
  – While person 3 goes and finds and brings back a leaf(w/o stealing it)
  – While person 4 does 1 legged AL prom dates 10 on each leg
Once person 1 finishes his pull ups he moves to dying coach roach, who goes and finds a leaf…
Repeat till 77 pull ups are completed

Mosey back to Lacrosse field

Abs of Fun 2:
  – 15 8 Count Swirlies
  – 12 4 Count Heels to Heaven
  – 8 10 Count Windshield Wipers
  – 12 4 Count ABCs
Mosey back Middle School
Circle of Favorites
Pax member calls out his “favorite” exercise. YHC lead Pax to 3 of that execercise:
  – Abacus – – Burpees
  – Opus – –
  – Sugar Baby – – Burpees
  – Helix – –
  – Mister Rogers – –
  – Lab Rat – – Lt. Dan’s
  – Rucker – – Peter Parker
  – Quaker – – LBCs
  – Phonics – – Jump Squats
  – Spike – – Wirkens
  – Gumband – –
  – BucketMouth – – Merkins
  – Emoji – – DQs
  – Spit – – Smurf jacks
(Please place in comments corrections and omissions for me to correct)
Mosey to the shovel flag
Numberama, Namerama,

Lab Rat is leading the charge to launch F3 Charlottesville. If you know anyone in CVille who might be interested, contact Lab Rat – –

We will have a table at the Ashcreek 5K. Sign up and EH others to come out.

Spit took us out.
Fun times where had as the YHC got ready to bring some Da’Ville fun to the South.  Knowing that Gimpy (previously known as Swirly) might be there, YHC is looking to stay away from the running. The pull up bar fun didn’t go as well as planned. Partially as YHC struggled to get the pax in groups.  He got his just revenge with another round of Abs of Fun with lots of different cadence. Enjoyment for the YHC was plentiful when the pax counting was labored to a low, low whisper.


  1. It was a pleasure Qing this morning on this beautiful morning where the rain held off. Please help me get an accurate list of exercises that was done during the circle of favorites.

  2. Great Q Abacus! Awesome way to spend your birthday! You have really be making us work those abs the last two AO’s. Hope you are bring that same pain to WDog tomorrow!

  3. ‘Twas a brutal beatdown this morning. Thanks for the counting goofs so that the pax could have something fun to latch on to. The abs stuff was rough.

    Alternate names for Rucker: Sir Walksalot, Pavlov (still like Pavlov’s dog), Freudian Slip (Freud for short if you like), Backpack, Ink Blot, Propoganda

  4. Abacus, “Abs of fun” was quite the dose of humility. I felt just like a fish flopping and flailing on the dock.

    I think my exercise for Circle of Favorites was crab cakes.

  5. OUCH ! If I knew you would do the SAME THING and destroy the already hurting abs the next day at WDog at Dogwood Dell I would have held back. Great Q