Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Persistent Mumblechatter even after 10 Min of Burpees


Ten strong men, two of whom are visitors from other regions, posted at Gridiron on a beautiful opening day of April. Johnsonville (YHC) planted a SF and took Q. This is what went down, more or less:

Warmup with 50x ssh, 25x don quiotes, 25x imperial walkers, 2 min. plank sequence

Mosey to schoolhouse. Redirect atop nearby grassy knoll area. 10 min of Burpees

Mosey back down to schoolhouse. Classic triple play (wall sit/ merkins/ run). 2 min. plank sequence.

Indigenous people run to pillars around rear of school.

Line up along pillars. Pole smokers while person at end bear crawls to front (maybe 25m).

Mosey back to SF area. 1 min. plank sequence.

Kettlebell routine with 2-arm KB swings, single arm standing press, boat/canoe, sit & press, row, merkin row.

Finish with chiabatta dips under picnic shelter.

COT with Attila taking us out.

-Monthly challenge is 7 min of planks per day. We accomplished 5 today.
-April 15 – 2.0 Scavenger Hunt @ GridIron, Q’d by Jville & Earthworm. Family friendly. LOMLs welcome to attend and/or workout with us.
-New Bootcamp (#TwinTeam) commencing 4/7 at Bettie Weaver ES in Midlo. #RiverRun will revert to a run, as its name demands
-Wed hill is permanent.
-LabRat is leading an effort to expand F3 to Charlottesville. He has the organizational aspects well in hand, but needs us to help find leaders and a PAX there. Search your contacts please.

Welcome to F3RVA, Snack. Welcome back Pigskin. Both are from other F3 Regions, and we are grateful you elected to come out. You are, of course, both welcome back to this AO or any others around RVA. Pigskin’s grandson celebrated is 1 year birthday yesterday. We hope that he had a good one.

Attila and WhiteDeer usually direct their mumblechatter toward ope another. For some reason, they both started the morning by directing it at YHC. Something about the tightness of YHC’s shirt bothered them. Although I am sure it looks otherwise, I promise that I have not been taking steroids (and would not share them with you clowns in any case). Thankfully, it did not take WhiteDeer and Attila too long to direct their artillery toward one another.

Thanks for coming out this morning. It was a privilege to spend the morning with these men and to lead this workout.

Sincerely, Johnsonville


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  1. Looks like a great beatdown! Just curious – does everyone bring kettlebells to GridIron?