Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fat Flesh Anchor (Self) Designated as Trail Run Lead


Five towering Redwoods overcame the seductive draw of their respective fartsacks, posted just before 0700 at Pumphouse, and took a spin around our city’s glorious downtown river trails with Johnsonville (YHFA = Your Humble Flesh Anchor) self-designating as Q. The PAX took the normal route in clockwise fashion, running down past Maymont, Hollywood Cemetary, and the old Tredegar Iron Works. We crossed to the southside via the T. Potterfield Memorial Bridge. On the southside, part of the route was blocked for construction. We redirected ourselves up the steep wooden stairs to the top of the climbing wall and then down to SunTrust Mortgage complex. We took the normal path over to the Buttermilk trail complex.

Saab ran well ahead in order to add the challenging 3 mi Forest Hill Park trails. The PAX made its way back to the Boulevard Bridge, crossed, and did a COT with YHFA taking us out. Soon thereafter, Saab came flying in from his extended route.

Thank you all for permitting me to lead each morning for 7 days in a row. Thank you for lifting my spirits as physical limitations threatened to block my way. It has been a humbling experience, but it has helped me to better understand and appreciate F3RVA’s character and cohesiveness.

See ya in the gloom! Jville


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  1. Despite my absence during most of the run, I am grateful to you fellas for pushing me today…Tried to beat you all to the finish but you weren’t having it. Also thankful for the 2nd F at ET…twice in one weekend is always a treat.

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Jville, great route and run this am. 7 miles on the trIls after a week of Qing is no easy task. Take a well earned day off tomorrow