Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Doubling Down @ 45MOMM


23 Redwoods descended on Mary Mumford for a Near West End Beatdown that went something like this:

Mosey to NW corner of school for COP: SSH, DQ, Copperheads, Hand Release Merks, Hello Dollies, Crab Cakes, Bob & Weaves to Right & Left

Mosey to bus loop for Curb Crawl Flips: Bear Crawl to curb, 2 merks, flip to backwards plank, 2 dips, crab walk back. Repeato, increasing by 2 each round. Up to 10 and back down

Mosey to Fields that were closed, mosey back to green by tennis courts for Merkin Ladder by 2s: start at 2, increase by 2 each round, up to 20 and back down

Long mosey around track to school wall for Double Triple Check: Wall Walkers, Hello Dollies, and Run for 6 rounds

Mosey back to flag for COP: Lt Dans OYO for 1 min, Rosalitas, Box Cutters, Superman

COT – Honey Do took us out


Mumblechatter was heavy this morning…and Lab Rat wasn’t even in the top 3 list of worst offenders. YHC had to keep count himself in both COPs. Thanks to the PAX who tried to keep count over the hilarity and singing of others. Goodtimes.

From GridIron to 45MOMM, the Bob & Weave flummoxes the PAX. Keep the faith, men. We’ll master it soon enough.

Saab gets extra credit for performing way more Merks & Dips than instructed in the Curb Crawl Flip. Thankfully Rosie followed instruction and paced YHC.

Sorry that BT wasn’t there to enjoy the Merkin Ladder. YHC remembers a NoToll morning where BT called for a single count Merk Ladder up to 20 and back down (maybe it was just up to 20)….either way, The PAX was not pleased with a 2 count merkin ladder this morning. It hurt. It sucked. It always does. Nobody appreciated it at the time. Splinter & TYA are still working out a formula to determine how many total we did this morning.

Great to see some old and new faces this morning. Thanks for putting up with YHC’s raspy voice as he fights off a cold.


  • Flashdance is Qing April’s HDHH, possibly incorporating a workout on the Capital Trail and libations at Stone Brewery
  • Ashcake 5k is coming up. We are trying to field a big F3RVA group. Specify “F3RVA” when you register.
  • April 15 – 2.0 Scavenger Hunt @ GridIron, Q’d by Jville & Earthworm. Family friendly. LOMLs welcome to attend and/or workout with us.
  • New Bootcamp (#TwinTeam) commencing 4/7 at Bettie Weaver ES in Midlo. #RiverRun will revert to a run, as its name demands
  • LabRat is leading an effort to expand F3 to Charlottesville. This effort will require (i) finding motivated leaders there, and (ii) support on a number of levels by F3 RVA. For now, LabRat needs help identifying potential leaders in Charlottesville.

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  1. Solid Q DK, that was an old school beatdown that I believe would’ve made Swirly proud.

  2. Your beat-down, coupled with my poor attention to instructions conspired to leave me completely smoked.

    Use of actual names during Wilson’s wife and Fudd’s wife left me feeling a bit ashamed of myself.

    Acorn got crushed this morning.

  3. Thanks for laying down the sand/gravel mix on the pavement for the Curb Crawls DK. It’s the little things that bring the pain. That and the merkin ladder plain sucked.

  4. Well done DK, thanks for keeping count. I couldn’t tell the voice was raspy over the singing this morning. Hardywood’s thinking about starting a new AO, F3 vocal exercising, see him for more info. The hit list to include Superman, New York New York, and Roxanne among others.

  5. Well done men. Sorry to miss, but last night’s parents basketball game for my kids’ school put me on the shelf this morning.

    However, I have eye witness (and photo) proof that Wilson owns short sleeves. I’ve seen Sasquatch or a Unicorn or something. And, Saab, you will be happy to know that Wilson also brought a water bottle to hydrate between games.

  6. Well done, DK. My butt is whipped. Lots of ab exercises in the form of laughter in between the never ending merkins.

  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Damn straight I’m proud – and it’s going in the file for DK as a gold star…
    Can’t believe I missed out on this one – back at it soon though boys – well done today – that looked to be a heck of a beatdown..

  8. Happy, shocked, and sorry I wasn’t there to see it. (Still begs the question if he actually used it…I’ve known him to run right by a water fountain in 100 degree heat.)

  9. Solid Q DK! This was my first time upon the merkin ladder and I can see a future in which this makes an appearance in an a Hardywood Q. Big ups to Rosie for the push today. Go out and crush it fellas!

  10. The Carpenter on

    I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip to 45MOMM this morning (on the way back from dropping my wife at the airport). The PAX was huge and the workout was intense. I tried to adjust to the fact that the counting was quiet or non-existent. The singing definitely threw many for a loop but that wasn’t the only reason. Is the quiet counting on purpose in light of the houses nearby? I ask because we had a woman in a bathrobe storm out of her house at The Creek because we were too loud one morning…

  11. The Carpenter on

    Don’t forget Hardywood’s rendition of the “Oh We Oh” song from The Wizard of Oz during the Bobs & Weaves…

  12. The Carpenter on

    True. I was loud. I was excited and fired up as we were storming across the field in the pitch dark. I didn’t consider that others might be sleeping. If I did, then I considered them as potential recruits!

  13. I like that DK uses an umlauted O in his name. What a great sign of a wasted liberal arts education. Probably shouldn’t make a nedy first post. Had my boys pour my cereal this morning…arms just too damn tired. As someone who does not like exercise, I am grateful for F3.

  14. Making fun of DK is a great use of a first post! Believe it or not, F3 is grateful for Swiper as well.

  15. Merkin ladder was indeed tough, I struggled to maintain form even after I went to my knees… Now? Swole.

    Welcome Swiper to the realms of wasting work time making comments on RVA backblasts!

  16. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Well done, DK! The merkin ladder is a crowd pleaser for sure. Somehow I knew I was going to miss something good. And that PAX was full of characters.

  17. Wow that was a bruiser DK!

    Thanks for a great workout … I’m off to London for a week tomorrow so I’ll see you all in the gloom in about 10 days! 🙂