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If you missed out from Sunday’s 3rdF, or you were one of the lucky few and cant wait to do it again…..I have good news!

F3 has secured a semi-regular spot in the rotation at Medical Respite dinner serve and share.  The goal was the 4th Sunday of each month, but there are some exceptions to this.  Here are the exact dates:

  • 4/23
  • 5/21 (not 4th Sun)
  • June (not available)
  • 7/23
  • 8/27
  • 9/24
  • 10/29
  • 11/26
  • 12/17 (12/24 can also be arranged if someone feels so moved as to take it)

We will be treating this somewhat like a workout.  These dates are up on the Q sheet, and are available now to Q.  The Q will be responsible for planning, cooking, and serving a meal, as well as recruiting 4-9 pax and/or family members to join him.  Delegations can be made as the Q sees fit.  I URGE pax members to get involved in this!  This is a very easy thing to do and you WILL get more from it than you put into it.

If you cannot carve a Sunday evening out, you can still help by donating money to the meal.  You could also agree to cook (or buy) something to send.  See Lab Rat, or anybody that signs up for a specific Q if you would like to pitch in.  Also, Lab Rat reserves the right to “volunteer” pax members as needed, so make your plans early and get the Sunday that works for you!

Thanks, pax!  I know we will crush this!


Lab Rat out.


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