Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Five Batteau regulars joined up for a Monday morning stroll through Forest Hill Park.

The thang:

Warm-up – 25 SSH, 10 Don Q, 20 Slow bend squats, 20 plank dips

Rusty cage – pull ups 1 up to 5 and back down, then under arm 1 up to 5 and back down

Mosey to top of field – 11s – 10 merkins, 1 two-count mountain climbers, run to pathway at bottom of field, repeat to complete 11s.

Honey-do loop – at picnic tables, 10 box jumps, 15 derkins, 20 WWII situps, run around tree, repeat two more times.

Mosey to double tennis court – ring of fire sprints – each member takes a corner and planks, PAX #1 sprints to next corner and planks, PAX #2 sprints to PAX #3 when PAX #1 arrives, repeat. Completed 4 or 5 rounds.

Mary – continuous 10 Rosalita, 10 Hello Dolly, 10 flutter. 20 box cutters OYO. Mosey back to flag.

Great job everyone. Certainly not the same without Swirly pacing the grounds when the PAX arrives, or Sippy running up at 5:29, but the usual suspects are there to fill the void. Cottonmouth, doing excellent, way to go, you’re through the first h*ll week and onto to the second. Wheelbarrow and Bleeder kept a good click this morning in the 11s. The ring of fire sprints seem like a good candidate for repeating, good short interval burst work there, especially Hardywood running through stops into fences.

YHC knows, the title alludes to another Tom Brady workout. Apparently a goat, a literal goat, is loose in the neighborhood, maybe even from the Farmers Market. No goat was seen on today’s workout path, but led to some good goat chatter and storytelling.

TYA’s birthday run at Spider tomorrow, don your black tights and join the fun.

Earth Day 5K from Viridiant (formerly Earthcraft) on  April 22., race is on Canal Walk. Announced by Hardywood, YHC has no comment, but will be running the race and maybe pushing a 2.0 if weather permits. Please join me if you’re interested in $25 shirts that last through two washing cycles.



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  1. I missed you guys this am. I hope to be recovered by next week–we’ll see. Looks like a creative Q, Singer.