Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ventura… Yes, Satan?


4 determined souls posted for a Sunday morning trail run.  Weather is looking up in the RVA, so short sleeves and shorts was all that was needed.

The Thang

Northbank to potter bridge to buttermilk and back to the parking lot.  Approximately 7.25 miles covered.


It was a wildlife experience to behold this morning.  We started out on the northbank and when we went to make the turn onto the path just behind maymont, a pack of deer (somewhere between 3 – 100) go spooked by our approach and were scrambling out of there to get away.  One (or maybe 40) was stuck between Lab Rat and the path and was totally freaked out until Mr. Rat moved away.  We continued further down the path to see an otter in the water and 2 more deer on the railroad tracks (that were again spooked by our presences).  Along the way we encountered additional wildlife including a woodpecker and a few squirrels.  Reminded me of the scene in Ace Ventura when his landlord leaves the apartment and all of the animals come out of the woodworks to greet Ace.

Trails were quiet today with only four of our PAX members (Saab was away on a camping trip) and not many others seen on the trail.  When we got back to the parking lot, it was packed, so they must have just gotten a later start than us today.  It was a great departure from last week when we were the only cars in the lot before and after our run.

The trail running contingent continues to get stronger everyday.  Lab Rat is now working on his technical skills (rock hopping, etc) to get faster.  Offshore was also pushing the pace today making sure the PAX were moving along.  Taxi Cab, despite have only posted a few times to the trail run put in a great pace.  YHC had a good first half of the run, but is still not fully recovered from his race a couple of weeks ago and had a slow second half.



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  1. Awesome day on the trails, aside from damn near getting stampeded (that’s a word, right?). Perfect weather, almost perfect company (Lab Rat missed Saab). Catching up with Offshore was pretty great though….and pulling ticks off Taxi was a highlight (that may or may not have actually happened).

    Sorry to break up the ET’s session so quick, but I got “the text” from M.

  2. I’m sorry Mr. Shickadancr, I thought you were somebody else.

    A B A U ti Full day for a run!

  3. Sounds like a terrific morning. Strong work done by all. Both I and my sore back regret missing a run with da boyz. Look forward to seeing you fellas next week.