Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



17 descended upon Mary each to run their selected distance,

Prior to the saying “let’s go,” TYA was gone in an instant.

With some of the PAX running to Three Chopt and return,

It would take a lap around Mary as a 4-miler to earn.

5 and 6 milers however, had a different route to take,

Down Iris, up Towana, and for some – a lap around a lake.

Dutch and Phonics were, without question, the ones to try and out pace

Although the remaining PAX were strong in running their own race.

Rigid-Bleeder on his bike, and TwoCan in his tights,

And Splinter with his junior-size vest that would reflect any lights.

TYA and Circle K demonstrated their intrepid nature and nerve,

As they ascended Towana and rounded the curve.

It was at that point the PAX ceased moving on its way,

as the screeching of car tires indicated a near-miss of Circle K.

As we concluded another run around Mary among the slight glimmer of light,

We were reminded to see TwoCan regarding a “plus-plus/platinum” option when swiping right.

Saab abides


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on


    The bar is being set so high, I’m afraid to write a backblast. I laughed out loud a half dozen times while reading….

  2. Great backblast, Saab! Sorry to miss it this morning guys. An IT Band strain from the downhill repeats on Tuesday has me out for the time being.

  3. Very creative BB Saab. Now that I have stopped laughing, I need to clean the d@#n coffee off of my computer monitor.

  4. I figured that’s why you had been out this week. Take it easy Sippy and get strong soon.

  5. Glad I woke up to run today! Thanks to Bleeder for riding with me for the two laps around the school! What I learned will be forever burned in my brain!

  6. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Hilarious ! Man I hate missing but the BB made me feel like I was right there….

  7. Well said Saab. I am glad you kept the trend of taking poetic license whenever this route is run

    At some point in the future, we can compile all of the poetic works and publish a book.

  8. As I read this Backblast, not creature was stiring, not even in the grass, and then I heard Wilson’s Vette roar down The road.but not where I rode, before I knew it, it felt like the past, The PAX exclaimed Where’s Sippy, BT, Toga & Jville, for certain Hardywood, HoneyDo, Ricky Booby & no tool, they had to be there, but no. How about Swirly and his Truck, not back yet, but who’s willing to take that bet

  9. Had to read after all the talk about this post at ETs

    TowCan tights I am sure were a crowd pleaser!!!

  10. Lockjaw and i did not know
    what to say.
    should we tell Saab
    the things that went on there that day?

    should we tell him about it?
    now, what SHOULD we do?
    what would YOU do
    if your mother asked YOU?