Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Working on the downhills


9 Pax  including one virgin Spider Runner gathered for some hill repeats on a warmish March morning.

Route:  Nice and easy lap around the lake, followed by gathering at the bottom of Towana Rd.  Run up to the intersection of Campus Dr. and back down in repeat. The Pax was instructed to focus on running the downhills at good speed, but resting as much as possible on the ups.  Return to the start.

COT-YHC took us out.


Strong running today, gents.  We were missing a few of the regulars (Swirly who is in an air cast?!) and TYA who headed up to DaVille this morining.  But it was nice to see Wedding Singer, who has been working on his running lately, come out for the first time.  Be assured, Singer, this was not a typical Spider run.  Saab as usual crushed the hills, and Splinter made good use of his long strides on the steeper portions of the route.  The downhills presented a good challenge and a good quad-thrashing for all, including YHC.

This is a good type of workout to work in regularly as we head to BRR training season–it will help us be strong on the downhill parts of the course.


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  1. That was certainly unexpected and quite the beating Sippy. I can’t remember the last time I performed speed-work on a downhill…It will take a couple of days to recover from this one.

    Of note, I think Singer stated he had done Spider Run way back when we first started, so he may contest his suggested virginity on this one…(Not that there is anything wrong with pretending it’s your first time – always more enjoyable that way.)

  2. Leave it to Sippy to come up with something totally new….and that is good for you. Well done!

  3. Hill intervals in reverse. Who would have thought it? There was never a rest. Great job Sippy, look forward to finding other hills we can repeat this workout on in the future.

  4. Wedding Singer on

    Although I may have had an internal debate of whether to answer this question at some point(s) in the past, I am not a virgin. However, I feel as I might as well have been. Job Sip.

  5. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Sippy always has a few tricks up his sleeves. Sorry to have missed, but circle k made sure I did plenty of running.

    Don’t forget about the weds hill runs! Swirly is out for a bit, but I’ll be there (no tights this time of year either)

  6. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Solid beatdown. Parts of this run were like that current Land Rover commercial for me. The one where the Stig drives full bore down a ski slope, barely in control. I knew we were i for something when Sip used the term ” quad thrashing.”