Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Forth F during breakfast…


Eight of the F3 RVA’s  finest brought their Kettle bells to the Gridiron on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Even Flip phone arrived early in his own car.

The first 30 minute thang by Night Crawler

25 side straddle hops,25 lbcs, 20 merks, 25 Alabama prom dates
Mosey to Pole smoke stadium
25 pole smokers,25 Alabama prom dates,25 marks…Repeat
Pull ups 2 sets of 10, Back to pole smoker stadium
Two rounds of Indian run style exercises. The runner’s choice of next exercise in sets of 20
We did burpies, monkey humpers, lbcs, merks, plie squats, Carolina dry-docks,

Then the Q was passed to White deer

30 yards bear crawl or crab walk.

Mosey back to restroom area for some Kettle bell(ing) on the tarmac.
Boat-Canoe w/ KB,Boat – Canoe Press with KB, 25 KB sitting push press, 25- Lawn mower pulls each hand.
25 KB curb behind the head sit ups, 25 Two arm swings, 25 Push- Press each hand, 25 KB pullovers
25 KB Pull overs to Press, 10 each arm curb plank rows, 25 KB curb Pull overs to press.

Earthworm threw in a succession of 10 rows, 10 presses, 10 push presses, 10 snatches… rest… rinse and repeat opposite arm.
White deer… 30 yard sprint to west side of parking lot, sprint back.

Chum bucket then added 50+ LBC’s
COT: Attila took us out with a heartfelt pray


Night Crawler still having a few post Virgin Q jitters – but job well done. Now let’s see your Login and Back Blast skills.

Earthworm and JVille were competing for Corporate sponsorship… enough said…

While JVille was crab walking, he thought could knock down White deer while  bear crawling. That’s not going to happen!   JVille tries to make everything a competition, pick on someone your own age!

White deer needs to pick up his game… Earthworm and Chum-Bucket both felt the need to add additional exercises at the end of the workout.  Very nice addition guys.

Not a whole lot of Mumble Chatter until Earthworm said,  “Attila had plenty to say”

JVille we missed you at the 4th F discussion during breakfast. We could have used your insight and words of wisdom when it came to figuring out the aging “F”emale. We all sat around the table as the elders  told their war stories and how they licked their wounds hoping to make amends. One soldier even spoke about suggesting the “4F” have a dreaded H@#%*, you guys know I can’t spell. I guess you need Lawyers skills for that discussion.

All joking aside… The F3 gridiron breakfast crew is the “BEST”


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  1. Johnsonville on

    Great workout Night Crawler and White Deer. I am “sorry” I missed the coffeeteria war stories.

  2. Well spelled White Deer. So, this is what the interwebs look like… Looking forward to 2.0 next week. I am sure I’ll have one in tow.