Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Flopping all over the place


Mosey to tennis courts for: COP Helicopters 10x, Don Quixote 10x, Arm circles, Merkins 10x, Flutterkicks 10x.

Mosey to bottom of Hate Hill for Lindsays, Dips and step ups.

Shifting sands. Run 20 paces up Hate Hill. Turn 180 and Lunge 10 paces downhill.  Go back and forth until you reach the top of the hill.

ABCDs on access road (20 steps of each, cycling through until you reach the gate: Alligator crawl, Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Duck Walk)

Mosey to tennis courts for some balance exercises in an A:B:A:B, A:C:A:C, A:D:A:D format with half-court suicides between. In the second set, use the other leg

A = 1 legged Merkins with a 3 sec Bird Dog hold at the top 5x keeping the same leg up for all 5.

B = Titanics (3x) 5 second hold with knee forward and back

C = One legged squat drawing a half-circle with other leg 5x

D = 1 leg Good mornings with controlled arm movements.

Mosey to the flag for a Ring of Fire.

COT: YHC took us out.

Naked Moleskin.

Seeing a blank slot in the Q sheet last night before bed, YHC decided to plan to Q this morning.  We ended up doing a loop that is quite similar to last week’s excellent Singer Q, but with different exercises, with several experimental ones thrown in.

Welcome to Cottonmouth who posted for the second time this morning.  He’s a neighbor of Hardywood and lives near the AO.  Way to push it today, brother!

Last week YHC was introduced to some balance-exercises, and he thought to try them on the PAX as a change of pace.  Having good full body control will help with all other types of physical activity, and so there is merit in these activities.  Yet it is much easier (and more fun) to go for brute force types of exercises where we try to maximize reps.  There was a lot of groaning and flopping around today, although YHC didn’t see much of it because he was too focused on trying to stay balanced himself.  It was tough, and there are core muscles aching today that I didn’t know that I had!

Conversation after the workout focused on school choices for our kids.  As a Pax we have made diverse school choices for our kids and it was interesting to compare notes.


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  1. Well done Sippy! Solid Q and the shifting sands was no joke. Also, bird dog is a great name. Keep that one in the hopper.

    Be super.

  2. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Shifting sands was pretty rough. Shorter strides next time for sure, and the balance exercises made me look like a stork having a stroke (wait, have I heard that before?).

    Well done, Sip!