Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Vestiges of winter


21, including 1 FNG, came out on a windy winter morning to WDog on the ides of March. YHC aimed to keep the pax moving to fight off the cold.

COP – SSH, DON Qs, LBCs, Merkins, Hillbillies.

Mosey to Carillon for Assault on the Carillon- Start at the Star- Run up Carillon, 20 of an exercise at a side of the Carillon, back down to the Star. 5 Burpees, then back up again . Timed for 20 minutes. 4 Exercises were Derkins, Donkey Kicks, Jumpsquats, Freddy Mercurys.

Partner up to Wheelbarrow up Carillon stpes, 1 Merkin each step. Then mosey to field for Honeymoon Suite – Diamond Merkins, Monkey Humpers, APDS, Pickle Pounders.Mosey back to the flag for Ring of Fire.

NMS- first off Vestige is a perfectly cromulent word, and posting in the cold Embiggens us all.

YHC had wanted to try this timed Carillon idea for a while and thought this am would be perfect as it would keep the pax moving in the cold. Directions could have been clearer but without Fudd there we had enough of an idea to get to it. 20 minutes felt like 30+ but everyone put in a strong showing. YHC was surprised to see 21 pax here though, maybe some were hoping for more fun with sandbags. Now we can petition Rosie on what former girlfriend’s name to call this timed exercise.

Thanks to Swirly the Honeymoon Suite now always starts with diamond merkins.  You can thank him. YHC can still not figure out why DK’s name always comes up during Monkey Humpers, maybe a pax member can explain…

Nice work to FNG Lucky. Bleeder must not like you much to drag you out on a windy cold day for your first post but you did well, hope to see you out again soon.

Announcements – HDHH is now at The Answer this evening, not at Splinter’s house because of the miserable weather. Also F3RVA NCAA pool is still open see Splinter or the BB.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great Q. Wind was brutal this morning. “It’s not the cold, it’s the windchill”.

    Sippy and Hardywood lapped me at least three times this morning, great work folks. Bleeder is back to pounding out some exercises at full speed-scary.

  2. Wedding Singer on

    Certainly one of the coldest morning’s I’ve ever felt out there, maybe even worse with the wind than Jville’s below zero workout a few years back. Great job HoneyDo, good leg work in there today.

  3. Blackjack! 21 strong – way to post W-Doggers. Looks like a strong beatdown as usual from HoneyDo.

    Welcome Lucky.

  4. This was actually the only day this winter I was regretting my shorts choice, even compared to the Dogpile in the snow. Couldn’t get out of the COP fast enough.

  5. Likewise. It’s always good to have a brother to push you faster. I was also glad to see that you had on long sleeves today–smart decision!

  6. The wind was brutal! On days like today we should turn the COP into a LOP (line of pain) so that one one has to face into the wind! I had nothing left after those wheelbarrow step merkins. Great all around Q, Honeydo

  7. Sounds like a good one. I’ll check the black book and maybe I’ll Q it to give it a proper name. That reminds me that some of the ladies have not shown up recently. Although I did hear Nicole made an appearance while I was away.

  8. What a friggin’ great beatdown, well done HoneyDo! Glad I was able to find the AO (no thanks to Lab Rat or Phonics who were seemingly willing to let me make some wrong turns on the way). And I’m still chuckling to myself about “our turn now”

  9. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Nose in the triangle boys – nose in the triangle ….
    Solid – windy – chilly Q Honeydo – great job – way to stay with it pax. Merkin up the carillon steps is always a Swirly favorite – feeling those baby.. See y’all in the gloom…

  10. Awesome beatdown for a chilly day Honey Do. As much as I dislike timed-workouts I may now have to start adding them to my Q repertoire (another fancy word).

    It was great partnering with Ronnie on the stair-merkin climb. He is so light, I think I could have just picked up his legs and had him sail up the stairs like superman…just a thought.

    Appreciate that the Swirly (colonel-lingus) merkin is now part of the H-suite…practice makes perfect!

  11. Great Q and a Huge number for WDog! Friggin’ step derkins…mess up and smash your grill on those!

    Welcome Lucky! Remind me to never go Scuba diving with you….

  12. For those that weren’t there this morning, I believe “Vestiges of Winter” is the upcoming 1500 page George RR Martin book as well the 25-cent phrase that HoneyDo used during our takeout in the COT.

    DK always gets a monkey-humper mention because I think he is the one who works them into his exercises most regularly … and he also has elite form on the exercise.

    Welcome Lucky! You did a helluva job on those merkin steps!!!

  13. Honey Do RVA on

    And note the lack of titillating BB title, no need for that. Just innuendo throughout in the Honeymoon Suite.

  14. Carpetbaggers like TYA and I don’t care for your southern gentility. Subtlety is lost on clods like us.