Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

There once was a man from Nantucket


Seven brave souls with no sense of feeling or disabled weather apps posted for another edition of F3  at No Toll.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey to the parking lot by the fields promptly at the agreed upon time of departure.  Circle up for The Pyramid of Fun.  Complete exercise #1 for 30 secs. then run across the parking lot and back to complete exercises 1 and 2.  Continue adding exercises up to #6 then go back down the pyramid by removing exercise 1, then 2…  Exercises included SSH, merkins, jump squats, muscle ups, plank, dips, and it took us a bit over half an hr.

Mosey to tennis courts:

  • Side shuffle around court
  • reverse and repeat
  • At least 5 suicides (more on that later)
  • sideways crab walk to foul line and back
  • switch direction and repeat
  • crawl bear to half court and back
  • bear crawl to half court and back
  • flutter kicks and sideways flutters

Mosey back to flag and burpee it out till time expired.

Gumbo took us out

NMM:  It may be in vogue to write poems in backblasts, but Toga don’t roll that way.  The title was just an attention grabber, and Nantucket may not even be a real place.  Speaking of attention grabbers, YHC knows it goes against dogma, but it may not have been sunny and 70 today.  In an effort to save the fields and keep us in the parking lot, we may have saved ourselves from the trees that were falling all around us.  Several members of the PAX were convinced that one of the casualties nailed someone’s ride, but some of us couldn’t even hear the trees explode due to the wind.  This could explain why Wilson began communicating with the Q via hand gestures.  The pyramid scheme was supposed to include a 30 sec rest between each set, but it seemed logical to run instead.  The PAX crushed it.., until we moved to movie trivia.

Once we got to the suicides portion of the workout, YHC really thought it would be one and done.  After the first suicide there was a simple question, “who do you play for?”  Most of the PAX yelled out “Hoosiers.”  YHC informed them that was the wrong answer and to do it again.  After suicide 2 the same question was asked, and the same answer was given.., OK do it again.  After #3 and the same question, several people were still yelling out “Hoosiers.”  Really!?  YHC informed the PAX they were thinking about the wrong movie and sport entirely, and run it again.  After 4, the PAX was informed that it was a Kurt Russell movie.  Someone actually went with Bird on a Wire, and someone still yelled Hoosiers.  Thankfully Gumbo remembered Miracle and the correct answer, “U.S.A.” after the 5th or 6th suicide.  Good times!

Special thanks to Hardywood and Flatline for helping Johnsonville get the flat fixed on the sausage mobile.  There was no question or hesitation as they went right to it.  Aye!


  • Splinter no longer wants you at his house for HDHH
  • See Wilson about sponsoring a team or playing in the Galactosemia charity golf outing

Stay Classy,



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  1. F Dogma. It wasn’t sunny and 70 this morning. It was downright nasty. But, it was still great to be in the elements and crush a beatdown with 6 other completely stupid and utterly insane brothers. That’s CSAUI – add it to the Lexicon. Well done this morning fellas.

    By the way, if I knew crab-walks and bear crawls were coming, I would have held on to “U.S.A.” for another round or two.. some prize.

    Nice work Toga. Thanks for stepping in and leading us today.

  2. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Bird on a Wire is hilarious. Definitely a little less than 70 and sunny today. Well done.

  3. Any moron with binoculars can captain a ship in calm waters and perfect weather. A true leader rises through the blight of the storm and strives not to make his men comfortable, but to bring out the best in them. He isn’t their friend at that moment, he is their leader. T-Claps to Captain Toga for a great Q this morning.

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    T- claps in deed to Toga – thanks for covering buddy – sounds like a heck of a beatdown – well done pax..

  5. Thanks for keeping us out of the brown water today! Unsure if it was the wind or just poor directions, but the far side of the line did not figure out what you were asking until round 4. Thanks to Gumbo for yelling it as he called it out after round 2 of suicides. All around a solid beat down. See ya fellas in the gloom! #FEBA

  6. Much respect men!

    I was that man from Nantucket
    When I awoke this AM I said f*** it

    Now I can see the fun that was had
    And I am feeling quite sad
    That I didn’t feel man enough to hack it

    Great job and great B.B. Toga!


  7. Thanks Wilson. Might not have been 2nd but I did mumble it quietly (lacking complete confidence) earlier. Like I said, I’d have kept my darn mouth shut to avoid the crab-walks.

  8. Strong start on some lyrics for you to add to the official F3 RVA album with Opus. I smell a McRib-Opus collaboration.

  9. You at least knew what the hell was going on. I was dreaming of anything other than suicides!

  10. According to the Chinese, 2017 is the year of poetry. True story.

    In April we will start reciting 80s rap songs spoken in prose.

  11. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under. A child is born with no state of mind, blind to the ways of mankind, god is smiling on you but he’s frowning too because only god knows what you’ll go through…..

  12. First, my M said I was utterly insane and leaving the fartsack was WORTH IT!! Great Beatdown Toga and for the other 6 in the PAX-AWESOME to spend the morning with you! J-ville, hope your sausage wagon is back on the road!
    As for the poetry, backblast has reached a new level-McRib and TYA, awesome prose, maybe poetry!
    As for the basketball court and movie lines, I admit to a b–nde moment!!
    See you men at the gloom!

  13. Great workout. Tire repair + new lug bolt + new side indicator light = $90. It’s a banner day when I can leave an auto repair shop for under $100. Thanks again to Hardywood and Flatline for assistance with the spare and for Hardywood for giving me a lift home (well out of his way). There are men that you want on your side when things go sideways!