Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F3 RVA Bracketology



I do not believe we have a group march madness challenge yet.  Rules are simple:

  • $5 buy in to be paid to bbischoff78 at via paypal or venmo
  • Top 2 spots paid out.  67% to winner.  33% to 2nd place.
  • Ties broken by championship score then # correct in each round until ties are broken:  2nd round, 3rd round, sweet 16, elite 8, final 4.
  • If still a tie then golf rules and split the pot

I chose yahoo!.  Sorry if you dislike yahoo!.


Password is sunny70




  1. Try without going through Splinter’s link. Fill out your bracket and look to join private group 149561 with the password above.

  2. How about I just give you five dollars Splinter and NOT complete my bracket. I’ll have about the same chance of winning.

  3. I am not the brow-beater that DK is when it comes to friendly pools. You are under no obligation to join.

    You may however still give me $5.