Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pre-Mulching Warmup at Gridiron


Seven of the faithful, including 2 Kotters, posted at GridIron Saturday for an honest workout prior to tackling yard tasks (mostly mulching). Johnsonville took the Q for the first half, and this is what went down, more or less:

COP Warmup with SSH, slow SSH, don quiotes, slow don quiotes, merkins, slow merkins.

Mosey to gridiron nearest parking area for COP with squats, Burt Reynolds, burpees, flutter kicks.

Run around gridiron. Mosey down to lower gridiron for COP with wide merkins, crab cakes, wide single leg Alabama prom dates, double leg Alabama prom dates.

ElizabethWarren-Mosey to front of school. Double Triple check in groups of 3 with 1 person running, 1 person doing burpees, and 1 person wall sitting.

Handoff Q to White Deed for 30 minutes of pure kettlebell he**, including sit and press, press up, boat/canoe, squat, curb press, wall thrusts. Sprint to far side of parking lot. Plank walk counterclockwise around landschaping curb. Sprint back. Plank walk clockwise around landscaping curb.

COT with Attila taking us out. Coffeeteria at Einsteins.

Moleskin — There was huge amounts of mumblechatter during the fist half, with YHC wondering if I could get any work at all out of these men. Men finally settled in. Welcome back Jolly Rancher, who has been on leave of absence since the pre-Christmas scavenger hunt. Welcome back FlipPhone, who has been on leave of absence since about the same time (with various health-related explanations).

Once again, FlipPhone had a female chauffer drop him off and pick him up. Once again, no introductions were made.

White Deer and anatomically incapable of doing crab cakes. I noted that he was doing them while sitting squarely on his 6. Earthworm let YHC know that he did not like of the running (1 lap around the gridiron and several slow mosies).

A big theme of Coffeeteria was yard work, this being the time of year when we have an opportunity to get ahead of the yard-work curve (which I typically fall behind by about the third week in March). Cecil had been granted a leave of absence to spread 30+ yards of much with some hired help. Attila was headed home to spread 10 or so yards. Earthworm and I both planned to do spring yard cleaning. Jolly Rancher sat silently, hoping that he would not get pulled into any such activities.

Great job men! Jville


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