Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Jane Fonda and Beach Muscles


2 (that’s right 2!) souls braved the frozen fields of LHES to focus on hip flexors and beach muscles.  This is how it went down:

Thang: Mosey to side of school for warmup COP.  Mosey to basketball court for the following:

  • Karaoke suicide
  • Side lunge to squat down the court, merkins and repeat back down the court
  • Mosey to curb for sideways bear crawl ascending merkin ladder, to 7
  • Back to basketball court for karaoke suicide
  • 5 minute AMRAP: 5 chin-ups, 15 dips, 10 Jane Fondas ea. side
  • Head to playground bench for single leg Freddy
  • Burpee with sideways jump to half court
  • Back to bench to get the other side of single leg Freddy
  • Back to court for sideways jump burpees back down the court
  • 3 rounds of chin-up holds, 15 dips, and 20 side-to-side partner leg tosses

Mosey to parking lot for Mary:  pizza cutters (think circular box cutters), American Hammers, alternating WWI sit-ups, side-to-side flutter kicks

NMM:  Having recently received some feedback that we don’t focus enough on specific things in our workouts, YHC got the bright idea to focus on lateral movement/hips and arms today.  It turns out that we do a lot of straight line stuff because the repeated hip flexor stuff left a mark.  Thankfully Ronnie drug himself out of the rack to post on an almost 70 degree morning, or it would have been a lonely morning at The Punisher.  Where was the rest of the PAX?  The Bel Monte crew gets a huge pass, and maybe there will be a huge roll call when Batteau and River Run get posted.


  • Weds. HDHH at Splinter’s.  Be sure to RSVP so he can get enough steaks.
  • Ragnar still needs a camper who wants to hang with the team and perform a tiny amount of race support.

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  1. I suddenly have the urge for some double-mint gum.

    Kudos to you both for representing. Despite the low number I still cannot muster the energy to regret my lack of attendance.

    Well done guys.

  2. Double the Fun, Double the Pleasure. Well done fells.

    We had 6 at River Run and McRib came back from Vacation with a brutal beatdown When he says “I have no weinke so we’re gonna have fun” that’s the cue to get back in your car and leave!

  3. I could have done the upper body stuff, but the lunges would have made me weep. Respect to you two for posting.

  4. Great workout Toga. Thanks for not backing off (or perhaps you did and were too polite to say otherwise….) I am completely worn out after volunteering at the kids’ school today and walking the halls on my sore hips.