Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

R.I.P. Goo Shoes


A two PAX beat the fartsack, daylight savings time, and alarm clock incompetence to hit the trails this morning.

The THANG:  Northside to the new bridge to the southside. ~7 miles.

NMM:  PAX will recall Helix’s Shoe Goo Shoes.  YHC is sad to report that they were laid to rest as they had become more goo than shoe.  Applications are being accepted for replacements.

YHC properly adjusted the time on his alarm clock but screwed up the alarm time and awoke at 6:41am.  Google Maps says it should take 17 minutes to reach the AO.  YHC arrived at 7:01 AM.  YHC thinks as a general rule it’s probably best not to know the shortest amount of time required to reach the AO.

YHC was glad to see Helix, and grateful for his patience with a late arrival.  It was a beautiful morning for a trail run: clear, calm, and a little cold.  Lights were needed only on the initial descent – the days are getting longer.  For YHC, the bigger challenge was seeing through the sleep in his eyes.

YHC is anxious to hear stories about the Belmont and hope the PAX are recovering well.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great job guys. Hated to miss the Sunday run. Had I made it out, my pave would surely have been over an hour a mile, can barely walk today

  2. Offshore, I was thrilled to see you pull into the parking lot. Enjoyed getting to mix some second F with the first…when I wasn’t falling on my face or getting us lost.